Michael B. Jordan, Michael B. Jordan’s instagram via @michaelbjordan, retrieved 4-7-16
Michael B. Jordan, Michael B. Jordan’s instagram via @michaelbjordan, retrieved 4-7-16

After the success of Creed last year, Michael B. Jordan is just one of the many black actors that Marvel Comics is looking to attach to their latest Blade reboot project that’s currently in the works.

Blade is a hybrid vampire (half human, half vampire) that protects humans from vampires. If you remember, Wesley Snipes formerly portrayed the Marvel superhero from 1998-2004 taking in over $400 million at the box office.

Now the comic and film rights have been picked up by Disney, who also owns Marvel Comics, and they are looking to replicate the success with a Hollywood heavy hitter like Michael, who is steadily making a name for himself.

Collider and Movieplot report:

“Marvel is gearing up an official reboot to their Vampire Action franchise, Blade. While there is no word on a director, the studio is reportedly looking at a very short-list of actors that includes Michael B. Jordan and Birth of a Nation’s Nate Parker; with relative unknowns Aml Ameen who had a small role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and Elijah Kelley from Red Tails and Hairspray. Marvel aims to start filming the movie this summer and as of this report, no mention on whether or not the movie will get an R-rating. With Marvel owned, of course, by Disney, fans are expecting a friendlier PG-13 rating.”

If the actor takes on the role, it could make up for the commercial failure of ‘The Fantastic Four’ reboot which was released last year.

For the younger generation, that’s not familiar with the original Blade films, take a look at the trailer:

Written By: Jnelle Belle


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