Miami Heat Martin Remake (Photograph). Retrieved 2-11-2016 from
Miami Heat Martin Remake (Photograph). Retrieved 2-11-2016 from

When discussing favorite sitcoms from the 90s, “Martin” is sure to make it on the list. To this day, people show their love for the show whether they are quoting lines from the funniest episodes, using Martin & Gina’s love to describe their relationship goals or dressing up as the show’s characters for their Halloween costumes. The players of the Miami Heat have joined in on the fun displaying their admiration for the show through the reenactment of the comedy’s iconic introduction.

The Heat squad, who have not been having the best basketball season, took full advantage of their time off to relieve some of the pressure from the court and show us a bit of their comedic side. The short video clip, which was posted on the team’s official Twitter account, features Heat players Dwyane Wade A’mare Stoudemire, Udonis Haslem, Chris Andersen, Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson with facial expressions from Chris Bosh that are bound to make you laugh.

While creative for a basketball team, this video comes second to Big Sean’s “Play No Games” which is also a remake of the “Martin” sitcom. The Heat’s choice of this particular show is not far-fetched as the team previously paid tribute to the 90s era back in October when they unveiled three new jerseys, one being a throwback jersey from 1993.

Take a look at the video and compare it to its original. Do you think they nailed it?


Well, Martin Lawrence thinks they did! Check out his response below.


Martin Lawrence's Instagram @martinlawrence retrieved 2-11-16
Martin Lawrence’s Instagram @martinlawrence retrieved 2-11-16

Written by: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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