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retrieved via instagram @metroboomin on 3-13-16
retrieved via instagram @metroboomin on 3-13-16

Metro Boomin’ is one of the hottest producers in hip-hop right now. He has been making beats for some of our favorite artists like Drake, Future, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. You know the song is going to be a hit as soon as you hear, “Metro Boomin’ want some more N****” or the very famous tag “If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you.” The producer has been getting major attention lately for his catchy slogan. Fans flood his comments on Instagram just to ask him, “do you trust me?” There was even a protester outside of a Donald Trump event holding up a sign that read, “Metro Boomin’ doesn’t trust Trump,” and we all know what happens when Metro don’t trust you.

So, where in the world did the catchy saying come from? Metro Boomin’ had a sit down with Dj Drama to give us some insight.  The producer first started using the tagline in August and it can be heard in Future and Drake’s hit “Jumpman.” So you know Future had something to do with the success of “if young Metro don’t trust you…”


Metro Boomin shared with DJ Drama, “When he said that it had a different tone, but I remember when we were in the studio he had another tone, which is the one that’s the tag that was just like muted. I just made sure to go back on the session and just get it and just go HAM with it.”

Kanye also got ahold of the tag in his song “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.”  Metro told Dj Drama “I had a sense that he liked it because we were in the studio before, and you know the Kanye dance he does when he’s doing his thing? he was just going crazy doing that and saying ‘Young Metro don’t trust you…”

So there we have it! Future Hendrix is to thank for the infamous “if young metro don’t trust you..” tagline.

Written By: Rahkiya Brown


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