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It’s the day we celebrate those who have sacrificed their own lives so that we can remain the land of the free. All over the United States of America many patriots celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a big festival where family and friends come together to share laughs but most off all pay homage to those who lost their lives. This Holiday wow your guest with show stopping Memorial Day Decorations.

Image retrieved from:; Retrieved by Johnakeshia Thompson on 5/22/16
Image retrieved from:; Retrieved by Johnakeshia Thompson on 5/22/16

Things you will need:

Wire Hanger

Red, Blue, White and Army Fatigue Fabric

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

White Stars


Yellow Ribbon

Step 1: Bend wire into a heart shape

Step 2: Cut fabric into squares

Step 3: Once your fabric is cut out take one square and tie a knot on the heart shape wire Beginning with the army fatigue fabric.Cover half of the heart with army fatigue.

Step 4: Take the red fabric and tie knot then proceed with the white. Repeat these steps 4 times. You should now have a red, and white sequence

Step 5: Tie the blue knots until the heart is completely covered.

Step 6: Now that your fabric is on your wreath. Hot glue four white stars on the blue fabric.

Step 7: Tie your ribbon into a bow and hot glue in it in the center of the wreath.

Step 8: Hang wreath on your door.

Now if you decide that your party will be outside and a wreath will not be needed. Try out this diy guest welcome note.

First Let’s start off with a friendly reminder of what this day is about by creating the Memorial Wreath.

Image retrieved from:; Retrieved by Johnakeshia Thompson on 5/21/2016
Image retrieved from:; Retrieved by Johnakeshia Thompson on 5/21/2016

Things you will need:

Picture Frame

Markers Red, White, and Blue

Construction Paper

Flower Pot

Imitation Flowers

Rocket Lawn Sticks

Step 1: Write a note to your guest; once you are done place the construction paper inside of your picture frame.

Step 2: Place the Imitation flowers in the flower pot. Cut stems if needed.

Step 3: Place Rocket Lawn Sticks in yard Along with the Flower Pot and Picture Frame.

Now that the Greeting for the party is covered. Let’s take a look at these Votive Candles which will look perfect as a centerpiece for your table decor.

Things you will need:

3 Glass Jars

3 White Candles

Red Sand

White Sand

Blue Sand

Step 1: Place the candle inside of the jar

Step 2:Pour ¼ of blue sand in Jar

Step 3: Pour ¼ of white sand

Step 4: Pour ¼ of Red sand

Step 5: Place candle holder in the center of your table or desired location

The best part about holiday’s are the parties and every party has to be a decoration stopping event. So take a try at these inexpensive DIY’s.

Written by Johnakeshia , Modern Domestic, Staff Writer


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