On a cold winter Monday in February, I sat with Kyla Laird eating nachos. She dresses herself really comfortably, while her makeup is flawless and her hair drapes down her back. Kyla is a junior, studying health administration and leadership. When asked what her plans are for after college there was a pondering pause because of course that is a fully loaded question.

Kyla started YouTube because she has a love for editing and she watched YouTube in her younger years. She also has always had a strong desire to entertain and inspire others. Therefore, YouTube became the perfect creative outlet. Though, it does come with many challenges.

“I think the biggest challenge for any YouTuber is standing out,” she said. “There are so many amazing YouTubers today, especially Claire Marshall. Her editing skills are insane.”

She goes on to explain that the most viewed videos are often the ones that everyone posts, so sometimes there is a challenge to stay true to you. When describing the blow up of her channel, she tells me that it was really unexpected. “One of my videos just took off, and that’s really how it goes for most people, one video gets a lot of views and then the subscribers come.”

Kyla’s channel will be a great addition on your subscription list because of her genuine, honest spirit. She is very humbled about the success of her channel and even encourages others to start their own, or find something they are passionate about and run with it.

Check her out! https://www.youtube.com/KylaLaird

Written By: Shardae Jefferson


  1. Kyla is a Beautiful Gifted young lady whose videos I enjoy watching. I believe Kyla will fulfill all of her dreams with the personality, charm, and beauty she possesses! Keep up the good work Kyla Laird!

  2. Kyla Laird is a Beautiful Gifted young lady! I really enjoy watching her Videos! I believe Kyla will fulfill all of her Dreams because she has a lot of Talents!


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