fbca7b_91dd3e164c21487fb1d3a96219abd9e6Taya is a 2013 graduate from Virginia Tech University. By day, she is a leasing professional at a property management company. Yet, she has her hands in many different projects. She is working on becoming a licensed Real Estate Broker and she is Everything Girls Love first official YouTube beauty Guru for EGL! Taya Marin brings several talents to our Youtube channel as she does makeup and Hair; specializing in sew ins, extensions, custom wigs, and blowouts. #GirlBoss on the move.

Though hair has always been her passion, she did not get as involved with makeup until summer 2015 when she purchased some  brushes on Amazon, which she used in creating different looks and trying new products. In February, she became apart of the EGL team. “It’s a great feeling to be apart of anything that empowers women, especially women of color, states Taya”.

Beauty blogging wise, she aspires to share her journey with a diverse group of women. “I want to make people feel beautiful; and if watching one of my videos helps someone create a look that makes them feel beautiful, then I’ve accomplished my goal,” she said. She records her vides with a Nikon L840, a Diva Ring Light, and a tripod. “A common misconception is that you need expensive equipment to create quality videos but all you need is a decent camera and proper lighting! “

Being in the hair industry and in the age of what defines beauty, the question of natural hair vs. relaxed arose. Taya explained her views saying, “I think it is all about preference and what makes you feel your best.”

“I think society tries to shift our way of thinking to make us believe one way or another that “natural is better” or “straight hair is prettier”, ultimately making you feel as if you need to choose a side to identify with. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, going from relaxed hair to natural and both are beautiful! Self-love is so important and I think society makes it hard for people to embrace their individuality because it’s always putting one up against the other.”

“Growing up, my pale skin and long curly hair was not “black” enough, so I was always teased of being white. My older sisters all had straight relaxed hair so I wanted to be like them, not realizing I was choosing this just to feel like I was identifying more with my black culture. Through high school, I always heard “oh you have that good hair, you aren’t black”, and I never really thought about it until I got older.” Over the years, I have grown to love my skin, my hair with all it’s unruliness, and I just want to be able to encourage other women to do the same.”

Written By: Shardae Jefferson


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