[Photograph] Meek Mill. 1/24/16. Retrieved via http://hypetrak.com/2016/01/meek-mill-college/
[Photograph] Meek Mill. 1/24/16. Retrieved via http://hypetrak.com/2016/01/meek-mill-college/

Rapper Meek Mill announced that he plans on furthering his education late last week while visiting the youth at a high school in his hometown of Philadelphia. That’s right—the rapper known for the streets has been officially enrolled in college.

Meek showed up to Overbrook High School and says he plans on getting a degree and hopes to inspire the students to do the same. “You want to count on people that’s way smarter than you, people who went to college for these things,” says the rapper.

Keep in mind, Meek is currently fighting a case for violating probation and could be serving some time. Enrolling in college could possibly change his fate in the eyes of the judge. He has reportedly been giving speeches at a bunch of local organizations trying to change his image and has even donated 60,000 bottles of water to Flint residents in Michigan. The rapper also posted a photo to Instagram saying: “the best apology is changed behavior.” It definitely seems as though Meek is ready to take a break from all the rap beef and Instagram shenanigans, and change his life around.

We wish him the best of luck in the courtroom and are pleased to see him doing positive things. Congratulations to Meek Mill.

Written by: Rahkiya Brown


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