Us ladies know lace front wigs are all the rage nowadays. You may look up and spot a pastel pink or royal blue unit at any turn. The makeup industry is booming. When all the pieces come together, the look can be downright breathtaking. But are our men into it or over it?

Peter Thomas of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” recently posted a video on Instagram about how some black women wear their hair.

Peter posted an apology after being torn apart in his comments. Commenters quickly reminded him that they don’t care what he thinks of women’s decision to wear wigs, and that his own ex-wife, gorgeous model Cynthia Bailey, was frequently seen in wigs– honey blonde ones at that. Some also suggested he should be using his platform to celebrate and uplift women instead of giving an opinion no one asked for.

Rapper Meek Mill chose Twitter as his platform to also bash wig-wearing women, posting these tweets:

Women lit up his comments, too, but he didn’t exactly apologize. He responded to some of the blowback with these tweets:


Wigs might not be a crowd favorite for these celebrity men, but it’s safe to say that for now, they’re here to stay. Like many other accessories, wigs offer the freedom to quickly switch up a look. Women get a chance to play with colors they’d never be able to safely dye their natural hair or styles they couldn’t naturally achieve.

But some guys seem to think it’s deeper than a surface issue. Instagram user @Thefreshfeen, who compares the brightly colored variety of lace fronts to old school Troll doll hair, is bothered by “the reliance on wigs and how extreme and extra they can be at times.”

He also believes the need to wear them constantly reflects on a woman’s self-value, saying, “If we are interested in you, we should be able to ask to see you natural here and there, and it’s our job as men to make you feel beautiful but we can’t do that if you don’t believe it yourself.”

Well, to him and any other man who’s worried that wearing a bomb lace front means you don’t love yourself, false alarm. At the end of the day, no matter what color it is, the wigs come off along with the makeup and everything else. If you’re important enough to be in a woman’s personal space, you’ll see her baring it all as natural as the day she got to this earth, and if not, she probably doesn’t care what you think anyway!

Written By: Ayana Conry


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