First Stop Philadelphia – Moguls in Media 2017 (photo Moguls in Media Twitter).

The Moguls in Media 2017 Tour is on the move! This year the first stop was the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Philadelphia. While the tour, hosted by founder Darcel Laurie, will be making stops all along the East Coast, it opened with a strong agenda to empower and unify budding media professionals and creative types for an evening of networking.

We Work, located in one of Philadelphia’s hippest neighborhoods, Northern Liberties, was the perfect spot as the Moguls in Media panel convened to discuss their journeys in media and entertainment. Quincy Harris, Host of “The Q”; Christine Hazel, contestant from “Hell’s Kitchen”; Courtland Bragg, NFL Films Producer; and Mariah Oats and Keisha Brewer of the PR Alliance along with hostess Darcel Laurie gave the good, the bad, and their why’s for working in the challenging field of media. The audience was all tuned in to receive the lessons that the experts came to teach.

Meet the Panel (L-R) PR Alliance – Mariah Oats & Keisha Brewer; Quincy Harris “The Q Show”; Darcel Laurie Founder & Host Moguls in Media; Courtland Bragg NFL Films; and Chef Christine Hazel. (Photo – Tawana C. Coleman).

The main point that the entire panel made clear was that anyone aspiring to become successful in media needs to know they must put in the work. They spoke of having a sense of humility. Quincy shared, “You need to give before you will get.” He explained that there will be times when you must spend money out of your own pocket to attend the event you want to cover. Your climb up the ladder may take years before you see all your time and effort begin to make sense. You’ll have to be patient. Quincy advised before you make any moves you need to have a strategic plan in place. Darcel emphasized to continuously grind behind the scenes.

WeWork, sponsor to the Moguls in Media Tour provides meeting and dining space for guests. Chef Christine Hazel working the kitchen while Quincy Harris says cheers to a great event.
(Photo Tawana Coleman)

Chef Christine Hazel, former contestant on “Hell’s Kitchen” wasn’t the winner of the show. And she’s okay with that. She understands that there is a lesson in our losses. Since her time on the show, Christina’s business has expanded, and she is doing tons of media bringing awareness to her brand. Her words of wisdom to the crowd, “Be open to criticism. Take in criticism and use it.”

The youngest of the panelist, Courtland Bragg, packed wisdom in his words. “Remember why you started. Remember how bad you want it. It can be tough. I enjoy using my job to be an inspiration. Sometime you have to remember to encourage yourself.” This Emmy Award winning producer has only been in the business a short amount of time and yet is a rising star.

PR Alliance, Mariah and Keisha admit that it’s not easy to work in this business, but it is worth it. One of the most difficult parts of the job in their case is being in a partnership. Learning to be in business with someone else means adjusting to their work habits and personality. Assess where to meet in the middle. As this dynamic duo serves as publicists for their clients they offer a tip to keep you sane in this sometime insane business. “Keep a planner. Schedule everything! You will feel overwhelmed without it.”

These standout panelists have made many contacts along their exciting paths. Darcel warns, “Don’t burn your bridges. Be yourself, and respect others. The world is small.”

Gillian Alex author of Tuesday at Three and spoken word artist will be a panelist at the Moguls in Media Tour 2017 NYC. Also on the scene was EGL Entertainment Writer Tawana Coleman. (Photo Tawana Coleman).

It’s not too late for you to meet Moguls in Media on tour, next stop New York City on February 23rd.  Or if you live further south, you can catch Darcel Laurie and friends in DC on March 23rd, and in Atlanta on April 20th. Learn how to be a media mogul log onto

Written By: Tawana C. Coleman

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