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The young R&B singer, Maurice Moore, give listeners a soothing new single to put into that late-night playlist rotation. The new single is heat between the sheets.

The romantic melody“Bed time” was released earlier this week by the Canadian artist.

Maurice aims to set the record straight on his bedroom potential with his x-rated vocals. The passionate lyrics and smooth tune is tempting to shift casual conversation into bedroom behavior.

Listeners beware! The bedtime action gets serious even outside the bedroom.

“Now it’s bedtime / gone close your eyes and I’mma give it to you / now its bedtime / gone close your eyes and let me take care of you / It’s bed-time/ you know it’s bed-time / don’t take my kindness for weakness girl / I’ll tie your hands to the backseat, this ain’t no immature / see you ain’t really used to what I’m in to / this is not a drill no-no, pulling over on the freeway.”

Maurice’s “Bed Time” is seductive and sexy, just in time for the summer. The mellow sound is inviting and a must have for the midnight lovers.

The poetic track is produced by auracle and KingBNJMN.  Take a listen below:

Written By: Plychette Montgomery


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