Director Reginald Hudlin is known for directing classics like House Party and Boomerang but may have outdone himself with this new film. Hudlin put together a star-studded cast to follow the story of Thurgood Marshall overcoming the odds to fight for a black chauffeur’s freedom after being accused of raping a white woman. Thurgood Marshall is played by Chadwick Boseman, which automatically makes this a must-see film. His undeniable talents made people overlook the fact that he looks nothing like the former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall. The world premiere of Marshall took place on September 20th at Howard University. When Hudlin was asked about the resemblance between Boseman and Marshall (or the lack there of), he said no one has complained and Boseman was able to truly embody his character.

The film will showcase Thurgood Marshall and his right hand man Sam Friedman, played by Josh Gad, as they build a relationship and understanding of race while they try to crack the case. This film is not the typical biopic; it instead follows the story of this controversial case. Josh Gad adds a bit of comedic relief, while Sterling K. Brown gives one hell of a performance playing the role of Joseph Spell, the man accused of rape and attempted murder that Marshall defends in court. The end of the movie has some special surprises that we wont give away, but this is definitely one to watch.

Take a peek at the trailer below:

Written By:  By Danielle Pearman @DannieOnAir


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