Have you ever thought about going into business with your spouse? Could you separate the business from personal? Believe it or not, some married couples are capable of working together. One married couple has proven that building a business from the ground-up is in fact possible. What’s their secret?

Robert and Gloria Worley

Robert and Gloria Worley have managed to build a marriage and a commercial cleaning company, Jan Pro Cleaning Services, in Atlanta, GA. Consisting of over 8,000 unit franchises, the success of the business stems from their leadership capabilities and effective communication methods. “I just let my husband take the lead on any project that we do because I feel like with him being the head of the household, his opinion should be valued first and then I give my input,” Mrs. Worley said. She also mentioned that they rarely struggle with communicating with each other while operating within the business!

When asked about open and honest communication in ensuring that minor issues do not develop into major problems, Mrs. Worley stated, “I think sometimes honesty is not the best policy when you’re married. Not all the time. Because sometimes you might say something that may hurt the other person’s feelings, but you’re just trying to be honest. You can be honest, but do it tactfully. We don’t scream at each other or put each other down. We teach each other.”

We asked the Worleys what type of support it takes to function together as efficiently as possible in a business partnership and how they work through problems. Here’s what Mrs. Worley had to say.

“If I tell my husband what my vision or goal is for business, he always tells me, ‘Gloria, go for it.’ He’ll let me go for it and if it doesn’t work out, we wouldn’t view it as failure but more so learning from the experience, knowing what and what not to do, and we’d try something else. We never stop each other from trying to attain a vision or goal. We know each other’s strengths and balance them together to allow everything to flow smoothly both within our marriage and within our business. There’s equal partnership between the two of us and we complement each others’ skills and abilities to run our business successfully. No matter how bad something may appear or seem, we never belittle each other. We never say, ‘It’s not going to work.’ We’ll try everything in our power to make it work, and I think that’s why and how we make our marriage and business work. We always make sure to play on each others’ strengths instead of the weaknesses. Robert always has a plan B, plan C, plan D. We listen to each other and compromise. We make it work.”

Courtesy of Robert and Gloria Worley

Mr. and Mrs. Worley have secured 25 years of marriage and being business partners. As Mr. Worley put it, “We always hustled. Thriving off of lived and learned experiences.” Through discipline, determination, and dedication, Mr. and Mrs. Worley’s incredible achievements through Jan Pro Cleaning-Atlanta have been publicly recognized for being a stellar franchisee.

Are all married couples capable of maintaining a strong and successful business? “Unfortunately not,” said Mr. Worley. “One counterpart may not see the vision of the other.”

Gloria Worley, “If I tell my husband what my vision is for business ideas, he always tells me, ‘Gloria, go for it.’ “He’ll let me proceed and if it doesn’t work out, we learn from it, and try something else. We never stop each other from trying to attain a vision or goal.”

A beautiful black couple achieving greatness together for over two decades? It doesn’t get better than that.

Written By: Daion Stanford

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