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You created him in your imagination when you were a little girl and you haven’t stopped thinking about him since. As you got older, you got a bit more detailed; what he will look like, what kind of job he will have and how he’ll dress. You envisioned the wedding, what your children will look like and what schools you’ll send them to. Truth is, he’s been thinking about you too, but where is he?

When searching for a mate, what’s your approach? Do you look in areas that are common ground for the type of guy you want? Do you have initial questions or conversational topics to help weed out the boys from the men? Or do you just play it by ear and let the universe guide you to wherever he may be? Either option is fine, just as long as you are willing to actually give the guy a shot.

Men are aware of the expectations in place when it comes to finding a mate. In fact, most are so aware that they bend themselves over backwards just to fall into the mold of what a man should be. This can be a strenuous process for a guy, because through this process, he loses himself somewhere between who he actually is and who you want him to be.

Instead of attacking your gentlemen of choice with a list of demands and prerequisites, analyze what he is already bringing to the table and from there ask yourself if you will be able to build something of quality beyond that?

Guys don’t want to be seen as a puppy in need of training or some project you can present to your gal-pals and say, “Look at what I created!”

Instead, they want a woman who is willing to walk beside them and evolve right along with them.

The ‘perfect man’ does not exist. Searching for perfection can lead you to passing up your dream guy. Anything worth having will take time and effort. So when searching, give the guy who’s willing to work just as hard as you are a chance.

Written By: Brent Thomas Whiteside


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