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One of the most intimidating parts of getting to know a woman is meeting her friends and enduring the inevitable interrogation. Meeting her friends can be more intimidating than meeting her parents because you have no clue what she’s told them during girl talk. The only thing more intimidating than meeting her girlfriends is meeting the other men in her life; it’s a meeting/interrogation women don’t use often enough when choosing a mate, but here’s why you should.

Quality control. Your potential mate needs to pass inspection. He needs to be observed and questioned by other men. You need to see what vibe men you respect get about him. You want to see if their BS meter goes off and if he measures up to the caliber of man you deserve.

Men are straight shooters. Men have the uncanny ability to cut the crap and ask what needs to be asked. Men will ask him questions that set him up for failure, just to see how he handles it. Then they’ll let you know if it was a good answer or if he was running game. Questions like: “What are your plans for my girl?” and “How serious are you about her?” are ones that will always throw a fraud for a loop.

Sharee Schock homecoming [photograph]. Retrieved Apr 1, 2016, from
Sharee Schock homecoming [photograph]. Retrieved Apr 1, 2016, from
The devil is in the details. Men pay attention to body language and consistency of actions. With that said, when they meet your mate, they’re paying attention to every little detail; be it the way he presents himself, if he tries too hard or if he just doesn’t give a damn. Men’s internal detectors go off during every unauthentic moment.

He needs to know who has your back. When your mate knows you have quality men in your life, it’s a deterrent to playing games and potentially hurting you. Seeing men in your life who love you and are there for you implies a lot about your standards and your tolerance for the bull.

There used to be a time when before a woman got serious with a man he would meet the older brother, uncle, father, grandfather, god-brother, cousin, trusted friend, etc. It’s time for women to readopt those old habits and show potential mates the quality of man you in which you desire and are accustom.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II

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