Sex talk is the norm on the internet nowadays. I certainly don’t mind it, as I’m sure you don’t as well. Every day we meme our asses off when it comes to sex jokes and sex debates. Once in a while, a subject comes up that seems polarizing in its nature. Last month that subject was DJ Khaled not giving his woman oral sex. That’s right, DJ Khaled does not take his talents down to South Beach! Don’t believe me? Check this clip out below:



The video originally aired on The Breakfast Club a couple of years ago. It features Khaled embracing this very dated way of thinking. The philosophy essentially is, I’m the breadwinner, so you do as I say and that’s it. I don’t think that flies in 2018. I also think that women (and some men) felt sorry for Khaled’s woman.

Going down on a woman is something that Khaled really frowns upon. It comes off as beneath him. Well, it comes off to me as juvenile. There once was a time when “eating the box” and performing analingus was taboo in hip-hop culture, but Khaled’s idea on pleasing his woman wreaks of hubris.

For the record, I personally know a few women who don’t enjoy receiving oral sex. I know, it confused me too. But, “They do exist,” like a wise M&M once said. We don’t know what Khaled’s lady is into, but what we do know is that in the bedroom, things are one-sided. He doesn’t seem to be open to exploring exactly what his woman would enjoy him doing in bed. There’s a sense of entitlement or male privilege with a mentality like that. It seems to be the same sort of mentality extremely successful men have when they are primary breadwinners for their families.

They think that because they have the most to do with the lifestyle that the family lives that the woman should be completely subservient to him. Maybe that type of thing flew in years past, but I shudder to think that would be embraced nowadays. As a matter of fact, it isn’t. The response to the resurfacing of this video was vehemently met with backlash.


Women wasted no time referencing Khaled’s rotund frame a means to say, “Who the hell are you to…” And I completely understand. If his woman is his queen like he says she is, then she should feel that way in all facets. She should be feeling as sexually gratified and liberated as Khaled does. Every woman should be in a relationship with a guy who maintains an open mind for them. This is true unless of course two folks are together who aren’t open minded.

This idea that Khaled tried to perpetuate with the man being the king and whatnot is dangerous talk. I was glad to see it not tolerated by most. We don’t know whether to feel sorry for Khaled’s lady or not, but we do know clearly the kind of relationship we don’t want. Would you tolerate dating a guy like DJ Khaled? Leave your thoughts below.

Written By: Kahlil Haywood

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  1. He sounds so ignorant. Granted, some things are not for everyone. However, if you are expecting your women to pleasure you but you are not willing to reciprocate if she so desires…it’s selfish. Maybe he feels that because he provides for her financially that she owes him oral sex and if she’s down for that then that’s her choice. But uhhh…I’m more upset about the mindset that my he has than the actual act or lack thereof.

    • Ok with that in mind would swallow his essence, because if he goes down on you he swallowing yours…i bet u wouldn’t.

  2. To each is own. If his perspective works for his home & queen then so be it. Now it’s not something I would go for as a woman who plays her part with hardworking & making sure home is what it should be. Sometimes you just have to brush it off especially when it’s noy your relationship, martieage etc. Wish him a lifetime with his queen as I don’t think there will be another one without a side to handle what he doesn’t!!


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