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Music can be the soundtrack of our lives. We all have songs that are our go to or that talk directly to us when we’re experiencing certain situations. Throughout history, music has been used as a language of love; we’ve used music to express how we feel about others.

Now, music can be a deeply personal experience or it can be a shared experience. Finding someone that appreciates, understands your musical taste, and connects with you on a musical level can be every bit of exhilarating and challenging as connecting on a spiritual and mental level. However, just as with every other part of a relationship nothing and no one is perfect, even if you find your musical soul mate there are probably going to be some things that you will disagree on. But your differences don’t have to be a negative thing; differences, detail, and intricacies are what make people unique.

Differences can give you valuable information about your partner. What a man listens to when he’s around you can tell you a lot about how he feels about you and what he thinks of you.  For example, as David, 33 year-old trainer states, “I have an entire section of my Ipod that’s just songs and albums that my girlfriend likes. I don’t really listen to a lot of R&B, but when she’s in the car it’s what we listen to. If anybody else gets in my car, they have to listen to whatever the hell I’m listening to and to be honest she kind of earned that.”

Ladies, the little things matter. Pay attention to what music is playing when you first get in the car, or when he first cranks up before he changes it. It tells you what he listens to when you’re not around. But his behavior following will tell you how he feels about you. For example, if he’s listening to something explicit, or vulgar and he quickly changes it, it’s his way of respecting your sensibilities; he knows you may not want to hear a bunch of cursing, violence, etc. Let’s say he switches from what he likes to what you like, that is a sign of compromise and him putting your comfortability above his own.

As Josh, 28 year-old therapist stated, “The only person that can touch my radio without repercussions is my woman.” There are numerous scenarios if he’s listening to something new or in a particular vein of music but you haven’t heard it; he could be trying to put you on to something new. If you two have different taste in music, yet he begins to start listening to your type of music, it’s a sign of open-mindedness and he’s looking for common ground.

“It’s kind of the gentleman thing to do; you open her door, you adjust the temperature to her liking and you adjust the music to her liking.” – Brent, 40, Author.

Pay attention to what and how he listens to music and consider the gift of music, it can do wonders for your love life.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II  

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