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You’ve been seeing a guy, and all of sudden he stops pursuing you and makes himself scarce. His reason? He says he thought you weren’t interested. How is this possible? There are several little things women do that can make men feel rejected. In other words, it’s the friend zone prequel, which suggests to men it’s time to move on.

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    : [not-interested]. Retrieved May 30, 2016, from: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/flirting-body-language-of-women.html
    You take over plans – He asks you out and makes plans for the two of you, and you want to change those plans. This is okay, but if it’s constant and consistent, it implies a lack of trust, and /or interest.
  1. You won’t let him pick you up – Once again it’s a trust thing. In most men’s mind, proper dates start with picking up the woman from her house. If you won’t even let him be a gentleman and start off on the right foot, the rest is pretty much downhill.
  1. You won’t let him cater to you – You won’t allow him to do something special for you or surprise When you won’t allow him to send you flowers, treat you to a spa day, or give you a massage, it creates separation. It also signifies your angst about his spontaneity, which is off-putting since most women appreciate that from men they are interested in.
  1. You won’t let him be a gentleman – If you won’t allow him to wrap his jacket around you, hold a door open or pull a chair out for you, it suggests that you don’t want him to do anything for you; not even be courteous. We all want to be wanted.
  1. You’re extra conservative around him – You’re extremely careful, guarded, and sexually uninterested. You try your best to not turn him on. You won’t change clothes, walk around in a towel around him or slow dance with him. These are things that have a level of both trust and intimacy about them, and they excite Your body is your body, and no man has an obligation to see it or have access to it; but men that intend to date and be serious with a woman want to be aroused by her.
  1. You don’t invite him places – This suggests that you don’t want him around or think of him. You’ll go somewhere with him if he asks, but outside of his asking he’s an after thought. This sets off all kinds or red flags for men, especially if you do something by yourself but complain about not having anyone to do things with rather than ask him.

Even the smallest gestures can send a major message, especially if done in combination or with regularity. If you truly like him, let your guard down some. The effort needed to make a relationship work is not only about what we do for others, but what we allow them to do for us.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II

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  1. Seeing a guy versus being in a committed relationship with him. As a measure of personal safety, some of these hesitations to allow certain behaviors/actions come from the nature of just seeing someone and being in the undefined, beginning stages of a relationship.


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