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One of the most misrepresented beliefs about men is that we only pay attention or are attracted to women when they’re half naked and overly sexualized. Well believe it or not, ladies, there are plenty of things you do that are nonsexual that men notice and find sexy. We spoke to a few men about what those things are, and they had some very interesting things to say!

First and foremost, just about every man we talked with mentioned how sexy it is for a woman to have good hygiene. Two things that men stated stand out to them the most were after shower body sprays (fruity smells leading the way) and the hairspray that’s used when you leave the hair salon. Men find both scents immediately noticeable and alluring.

A number of men also mentioned manicures and pedicures, with a particular fondness for French tip nails.

When it comes to makeup, the one product that the men we spoke with said they love the most is clear lip-gloss. Yup, that’s right, the plain, clear and shiny lip-gloss you get from the beauty supply store for no more than $3.

Now, for the clothes; hands down, the most popular item for men is the sundress. Yes, ladies, the simple, comfortable sundress does it for us and many of us don’t know why; we just like it. Another favorite is the cutoff oversized shirt that slightly hangs off your shoulder, it speaks to us on an animalistic level. Men like you when you’re comfortable! Fitted jeans, yoga pants, and the little black dress aren’t to be left out of the equation either, but another very popular item among men is the ball gown. We also like seeing a woman all dolled up and look classy.

So there you have it, ladies! These are the simple things men find sexy about you and notice how none of these things require you to be over sexualized or scantily clad. We definitely pay attention to you when you’re not half naked or in full fantasy mode with a fully beat face and using all of the tricks of the trade. Contrary to popular belief, we find you just as sexy when you’re in sweat pants, hair-tied, chilling with no make up on. So don’t let the societal pressures of today freak you out! Just be you and there are plenty of men out here that find every little thing you do and every little way you do it, sexy.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II
 Instagram: @slin_k_polymath


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