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It’s an age-old question: What’s the first thing a man notices when he sees a woman? Is it eyes, smile, face, body?

Obviously the first thing we notice is always something physical, and that allows us to gather intel to make decisions and judgments about what type of woman we think you may be. We use all five senses. How you look, what you’re wearing, the setting, what you’re drinking/eating, who you’re with. Men notice whatever part of your body that stands out in 3D: Your curves, your physique and whether he sees you from the front or back. It could also be what fragrance you’re wearing or how you sound. He may notice your voice if you’re singing out loud, humming, or if he overhears you talking.

However, the most important thing we observe is how you carry yourself and how you act as we’re trying to converse with you.

Your attitude will decide how we treat you and what we think of you.

What you say and how you say it can change, break or affirm any stereotypes and assumptions we had about you from the start, and will ultimately decide which of these four categories to put you in:

[couple on date]. Retrieved May 11, 2015. From:
[couple on date]. Retrieved May 11, 2015. From:
Good for one thing– That one thing is not necessarily sex, but sex is definitely a possibility. These are women we’re not interested in or we’re friendly with only when needed. These are women with which men expect short-term interactions. For example, a study buddy, a hookup, or someone only good for networking purposes.


She’s just a friend– These are the women with which men only want to be friends. He may have tried to date or sleep with you, but if it doesn’t work out, he’s all right with just being friends. These are cool women worth keeping around, and if she’s willing, he’d have sex with her.

She can get it– A woman he finds highly attractive and definitely wants to sex. He might be pursuing it, but probably not. These women could also be in any of the other categories, i.e. “she’s just a friend, but she can get it.” If it’s just sex, it is what it is. Sometimes men flirt with these women; sometimes they’re a secret fantasy.

Potential wife– Serious relationship/marriage material women only. These are the women that men want to do right by. These are the women that men change and sacrifice for; the women that men know they have to come correct to get.

You may not get a second chance to make a first impression, but the second thing we notice is far more important than the first. We may give you the benefit of the doubt for what may seem like a physical concern. We’ll overlook what you had on or where we met. But as far as the character and attitude you display during conversation, that’s what really stands out to a man.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II

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