Social activism is as prevalent as it has ever been. In years past, it may have seemed like the uncool thing to be involved in social issues. It wasn’t sexy. Sometimes activists can come off as angry all of the time to the naked eye. Social media has helped change that stigma. As we document damn near every activity we’re involved with, we market it simultaneously. As a result I think activism in this age is becoming cool. I absolutely think that is a good thing.

In this age of movements like #Metoo and #MuteRKelly, it’s clear to see that women’s rights are coming to the forefront. With the technology we have now and the ways in which we receive our media, it’s easier now more than ever to rally behind causes. This has led to huge marches for women’s right across the nation. It has also pulled the curtain back on tons of alleged sexual abusers such as a Matt Lauer or a Bill Cosby.

With our ladies fighting to continually be heard, where does the black man fall in all of this? How do we function? What is our role?


I believe that we have to be vocal supporters of our women. We have to go beyond telling them that they have our support and we have to begin speaking on the things that affect them. We have a bad habit of discounting a lot of what women claim initially. Many of us are guilty of that.

We have to take seriously whatever it is that our women take seriously.

Malcolm X famously said that the most unappreciated person in this world is the black woman. That alone should be an impetus for us to get active so that things no longer stay that way.

It’s a special time in society and it just makes sense that we capitalize on it. We need to encourage other men to use their voices in their forums to continue to lift up the concerns of black women. As we learn about it, we need to continue to find ways to let them know that we have their back as they have had ours for lifetimes. We have to grow up and we have to be actively present. I think that is all that they really want from us.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

Written By: Kahlil Haywood

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