Many people believe men choose to date women younger than them because the lack of maturity makes those women easy. I’m here to tell you that is a widely-held belief that just won’t die.

Most men reject that premise because it seems to come from women in an insecure or bitter place who see the younger women as competition. In fact, most men are usually wary about seriously dating younger women because we worry about their maturity. That’s not something men are willing to overlook just because age hasn’t caught up to her yet. To be honest, we usually set a higher bar for young women to jump over in order for them to be taken seriously. Men do not want a woman who will embarrass them or stress them. In order to date a younger woman, she usually has to be phenomenal, mature for her age, wise beyond her years and advanced in her perspectives.

When discussing younger women, I think most women automatically think of a teen or someone barely legal. However, for most men, “younger” means about five to seven years fewer than us, regardless of what our age is.

Keep in mind that men are notorious for trying to date in the Goldielocks Zone: not too old, not too young but just right. And even when we find it, we sometimes wonder if it can be even more right. When it comes to age difference, men often live through the lens of high school or college comparisons. We think of scenarios like, “When I was in my freshman year of college, she was still in middle school…Ew.” Men often have to convince themselves and remind themselves that the woman is an adult and legal. I’ve seen men request an ID to confirm a woman’s age because you can never be too sure.

Judgment from women our age or older makes us feel as if we’re out here preying on girls who are barely legal and don’t know any better so we can take advantage of them. That is absolutely not true for serious-minded men; we’ll give anybody a chance.

We like when women prefer older men because it’s always good to be somebody’s type. It makes us feel good, ego-wise, to know we still got it. When we hit our thirties and mid-thirties, we like that younger women are not usually set in their ways yet and their routine is still developing. Younger women are generally more open to compromise, as opposed to a woman who has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and brings some extra baggage with her.

But let’s clarify a couple things here. First, an older woman having baggage is not a problem; we all do. But some baggage you can work with and some you can’t, so it’s more about compatibility rather than age. Secondly, contrary to popular belief, we don’t choose to date younger women just because they are naïve and will let us get away with things older women won’t. Many of the women in this new generation are super woke and no-nonsense, and they don’t let us off the hook that easily.

Another thing we often like is that the pressures are different in the way that younger women support or accept us. Younger women are usually more understanding of those of us who are still getting our lives together, as opposed to an older woman wondering why we don’t already have it. We are attracted to the enthusiasm of younger women because many women our age and older are (understandably) more risk-averse.

As I stated earlier, oftentimes when women hate on men for dating younger women, it comes from a place of slight bitterness. Well, she may have grabbed one out of your age group, but if you met an older man, then YOU would also be the younger woman! Therefore, the younger women are doing the exact same thing you would.

There are things we love about younger women, but when dating them, we sacrifice the qualities that we can only get from a woman our age or older. Stay tuned to find out what we like about dating more mature women.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II

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