[Barack Obama meme]. Retrieved January 26, 2016. From: http://giveupinternet.com/2015/11/28/nah-michelle-dont-talk-pic/
‘F*ckboy’ is a term given to a male who some would say possesses some or all of these qualities: self-absorbed, insensitive, chauvinistic, anti-relationship, anti-female, egotistical, lazy and unreliable. They come in an array of different shapes, sizes and hues. They populate our communities, work places and even our churches! They’re tricky creatures. Here are three surefire signs you’re dating one:
[couple on couch]. Retrieved January 26, 2016. From: http://www.urbantabloid.com/healthy-couples-fight/2/
[couple on couch]. Retrieved January 26, 2016. From: http://www.urbantabloid.com/healthy-couples-fight/2/
He’s Always Telling You What He’s Going to Do Instead of Doing It
Some people are just naturally charismatic. Those same people can talk and talk for hours on end, all while holding your attention. They’re not really saying anything; in fact, majority of what they’re saying is nonsense. There’s something in his delivery that evokes hope that he’s going to follow through with what he’s saying, but he doesn’t. He rarely does. Our word is all we have. If you are involved with someone who will say anything just for the sake of saying it, you have to ask yourself, How reliable can this person truly be?” You should want to be in a relationship where you can lean on your partner. You can’t lean on a promise because if he’s not next to you like he says he is, you’ll fall. 
Nothing Is Ever His Fault
Accountability is important in a relationship because as a couple, you will argue. The two of you will bump heads & things will explode. Yet, when it’s all said and done, everything cannot be your fault (at least not each time). You both have to be willing to be accountable for your part, whether it is what you said, or what you did. A man who can stand tall in his mistake instead of cowering behind it is a man of maturity. A man who cannot is a man you should run away from
He Lacks Ambition
Is he always dragging his feet? When he talks about his career or goals, does he get excited? Wait, does he have any goals? A career? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who lacks ambition but is still passionate. By no means does he have to be saving the world each day or working some extravagant job, but when he speaks about his passions or what drives him, you should see a twinkle. You should see him stand upright and get antsy. If all of this sounds unfamiliar, get to packing now.
By: Brent Thomas Whiteside


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