If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this quarantine can be even more challenging than anyone else is experiencing as you’re separated and don’t know when it will be safe to travel. The feelings of isolation, cabin fever, or feeling like you’re on punishment can be even worse when you have someone you’d usually find comfort in, but you’re now being kept away from them. Be extremely cognizant of your mental health and your thoughts. Don’t for a minute believe that this forced separation and lack of contact means that you can’t show affection and intimacy. Here are a few things you can do to keep the spice and thoughtfulness in your relationship since date night might be a ways off. *Cues “Alone together” by Daley featuring Marsha Ambrosius*

Write a letter – There’s only so much Zoom, FaceTime and texting one can reasonably do or take. Surprise your mate by going super old school. Handwrite them a letter. There is something super special and intimate about seeing someone’s script and knowing that they took time to do it just for you, it’s something you can’t get from a letter being typed, a text or talking on the phone. Make it fun and like high school: fold it up special, write “For your eyes only,” spray it with perfume, seal it with a kiss, etc. Then mail it off and send it by surprise. Write each other back and forth and it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Virtual interactive sex toy – If social distancing and quarantine have you separated and craving each other; take your phone/video sex game to the next level and invest in interactive sex toys. They are sex toys that your partner can control over the internet or from their phone. Hey, thank me later if you’re about that life! You can still take care of, please, experiment, and play even during the quarantine. These toys don’t just have to be for the quarantine, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving and will hopefully keep you coming back for more.

Interactive Jewelry – For a more tender, sentimental or intimate connection look into buying some interactive jewelry for you and your mate. They are essentially matching rings, bracelets or pendants that light up or pulsate whenever your mate touches theirs. It’s a good way to know someone is thinking about you. There are all kinds of things besides jewelry, such as lamps or teddy bears. Just do a little bit of research.

There’s an old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and 2020 is determined to test the limits of this phrase. Beyond the things that are out of your control, this is a great time to focus on connection within your relationship. With a lack of physical intimacy possible, work on communication, emotional intimacy, spiritual and creative ways to connect. Now is a good time to have some much needed conversations about the direction, improvement and ambitions of your relationship. Use the built-up anticipation to talk about desires, fantasy and what each of you would be willing to try. If you and your partner are going to be doing a lot more communicating, make sure that you have the important conversations, that you learn about each other, and that you have fun. When the quarantine is over and it’s safe to travel, hopefully these ideas will enhance your physical connection.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II

Follow Johnny on Instagram: @slin_k_polymath


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