For years, men have been complaining about how nice guys finish last. Women have updated and informed us that nice guys don’t finish last; it’s boring guys who do, and that explains why good girls like bad boys. Well, ladies, I’m here to declare to you that nice guys are not boring; They are just afraid to disrespect you.

Bad boys do things now and worry about the consequences later. The guys whom you consider to be boring, just think before they act. Thinking before you act takes away spontaneity. That is the dilemma of being a nice guy in a nutshell, but let’s take it a little further.

The nice guy often overthinks every situation. He knows what you want and what you respond to, but he’s confused as to how to give it to you. If he’s too smooth, women think he’s a player. If he’s too bold, women believe he’s a dog and only out for one thing. So good dudes often opt to be patient; sometimes too patient and waiting too long, which may backfire and make him look like he’s scheming. Unfortunately, by waiting too long or moving too slow, he also runs the risk of being put in the friend zone or watching you get scooped up by another man.


The men you consider boring are often thinking men, and thinking men are more methodical than spontaneous. They move at a much slower pace because they don’t want to be “that guy.”



Here’s why you should appreciate men who think before acting. They care about your feelings and respect you. In the current climate of sexual harassment allegations, men who think before they act should be praised, not ignored.

So-called boring guys often want to be more spontaneous and adventurous like the bad boys. The reason they don’t is they know the consequences of misjudging the situation.



Ladies, you have to give him permission. I know it’s not as sexy or exciting as him taking the initiative, but it’ll open up the door for him to do so in the future.

He will only be a perfect gentleman until you tell him he doesn’t always have to be. Whether it’s a random smack on the butt and some trash talk or something adventurous in the bedroom, the minute he knows you’re okay with it and he had permission to do it, it’s on. All he needs is for you to break the seal and take the pressure off of him to not feel like he’s being like those other guys and that you welcome that attention from him. He’ll loosen up and you’ll actually get the best of both worlds.


Written By: Johnny Brownlee II  

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