There’s a new line of sex dolls being marketed to men that is extremely lifelike and anatomically correct. This is not the blowup doll that we’re accustomed to associating with. These look and are shaped like a real woman with curves. The parts move, jiggle and supposedly feel like a real woman.

Social media debates ensued when men began trolling women about getting one, saying that it was essentially over for women. With one of these, they wouldn’t have to worry about attitudes, headaches, women not being in the mood or menstrual cycles. These comments and jokes had a lot of women livid on the internet and in various discussion rooms and comment sections of videos. But ladies, let not your hearts be troubled; men are trolling and blowing smoke because you will never be able to be replaced by a doll no matter how lifelike it is. Ain’t nothing like the real thing. Here’s why you have nothing to worry about:

Cost – The new sex dolls starting cost is about $2,100 apiece. That right there eliminates most men from the discussion because they’re either going to be too broke, too cheap or immediately can think of something else $2100 can go to. I mean, for $2100 you can buy an escort or take a real woman on a nice date (or Netflix and chill) and possibly get some.

Ego – Most men’s egos would never allow them to get the sex doll in the first place and definitely not flaunt it. We’re talking about a doll about five feet tall and shaped and weighted like a woman– not something you deflate and hide in a drawer. So it presents a few problems, such as where is he going to hide it and how is he going to keep this private? Does he want this big box or crate shipped to his house for all his neighbors to see or does he want to go pick it up from the store or shipping company in person? And think about this if a woman finds out he has one, how far up on the creep scale will that put him? Yeah, definitely not worth the risk.

Intimidation – Because of their egos, most men aren’t nearly as freaky or sexually adventurous as they think they are or pretend to be. This is why many men are intimidated by a woman that’s more sexually adventurous or experienced than they are. It’s also why men get insecure when women want to introduce vibrators or other toys into the mix because they don’t take it as a tool to enhance, they think of it as something to replace them or what they aren’t doing right.


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It’s been suggested that some of the higher end sex dolls have robotics and/or sensors in them and that allow men to make them orgasm. Let’s just laugh out loud now because the possible intimidation of not being able to make a real woman orgasm and her telling people is bad enough…how do you think men will feel about the possibility of not making an artificial woman orgasm? The very thought of not pleasing a woman sexually is soul crushing to most men. And if it has robotics and sensors then I guess information has to be being collected and no one wants that kind of personal sensitive information getting out– especially with all these hacks and leaks going on.

Clearly ladies, you have nothing to worry about. But just in the event that a man purchases or tries to intimidate you by telling you you’re replaceable with one of these dolls, there are a few things he can no longer talk about or be taken seriously on. The $25 engagement ring argument is null and void to you. He can’t spend $2100 on a sex doll and then try to convince a woman to accept a $25 dollar ring because he loves her. He can’t talk about wanting a natural woman, or complain about women getting surgery, having makeup, fake lashes or wigs/extension/weaves. It’s a doll, it’s entirely made of silicone, and it’s entirely fake. Your real woman argument is void. You can’t complain about women shopping habits for shoes, bags, nada. Tell him to just take his L and go to the corner. By the way ladies, there’s also male versions of the lifelike sex doll…just in case you didn’t know.


Written By: Johnny Brownlee II  

Follow Johnny on Instagram: @slin_k_polymath


  1. Great putting!
    I just wanna add that another important part of man’s life is his sexual life. Another side of the moon where a man has to be a pioneer and a conqueror. Without a real woman, it’s impossible. It takes some affords to succeed. But it definitely worth it! Nothing can replace a real anxiety of having a really beautiful woman!
    Tanks for the article!

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