With the holiday season underway, it’s a good time to think about how well you really know your man. There are several little details about him that will help you shop for his holiday gifts and cater to him throughout the year. If you don’t know these things, now would be a good time to get familiar with them because the best gifts require knowledge more so than money.

His favorite hobby – What does your man like to do when he’s not with you? It’s said that there are three types of hobbies: one that makes you money, one that keeps you in shape, and one that lets you be creative. So if he’s into working out, get him some workout apparel. If he’s into golf, get him some equipment. If he’s into art, get him some supplies. And you can always get him something that makes his business run smoother or more organized if he’s about making money.

His favorite sports team/player – Do you know his favorite sports, sports teams or players, because men that are very into sports are tribal about who they cheer for? So memorabilia, a sports experience, or tickets to a certain event are always possibilities that will be appreciated.

What he nerds out about – Every man has something he is intensely passionate about;–something he gets amped up about and really knows inside and out. For example, he may be into vinyl records, comics, wine, cigars, anime or cognac. When you buy him something he totally nerds out about, it can be something simple but it’ll mean a lot because it instantly makes him feel understood, accepted/supported and listened to. These are usually things that no one else thinks is cool. The things he nerds out about are things that bring out his inner child and imagination. Even as adults, men still love toys.

What he listens to/reads – What type of entertainment (podcasts, album, streaming services, etc.) does he indulge in? Tickets to a speech, concert, show, or maybe even a convention; are all things that take that interest to the next level and make for memorable gifts.

Something old/Something new – Do you know what he’s nostalgic about, such as like things he grew up on but are hard to find in stores these days? What about the things he’s willing to experiment with? Consider a monthly subscription box as a gift idea. There’s a subscription service for just about every interest, such as fashion, beer, hot/BBQ sauces, bacon and even international/regional snacks. A subscription box is a good idea for the adventurous man, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving month after month.

Something he wouldn’t buy for himself – What’s something he needs but probably wouldn’t buy for himself? Many men don’t take time to get pampered or to relax, nor do we often even think about these things. Consider gifting him a mental health day: a full spa day with massage, facial and mani/ pedi). Make it a couples thing if you have to, or plan a little staycation.

His sizes – Knowing his sizes can prove to be invaluable throughout the year, whether it’s something you happen to see that’s his style or something he needs that he’ll probably delay in buying for himself. Knowing your man’s pants, shirt/ dress shirt, shoe, hat and suit sizes can lead to great gifts. You’d be surprised at how many men don’t have a nice suit or pair of dress shoes and won’t think of buying them until they need to go to a funeral, court date, or formal affair.

Something for you, for him – If you go to a lingerie store or sex shop or even just the lingerie section at a big-box store, you’ll learn that sex sells even during the holidays. I wouldn’t recommend it be a primary gift, but maybe as icing on the cake. Consider buying something to spice up your love life and that holiday getaway. Try something kinky; sex toys, his fetish/fantasy, some holiday-themed lingerie, or a sexy dress to wear on a night out on the town for him to take off later.

His favorite food – During the holidays and special times of the year, we often socialize around food and cook special dinners and treats. So knowing his favorite foods can come in handy whether you’re making dinner. Prepare a dish you know he’ll appreciate to take to the friends-only event, or fix his plate at a family get-together (if that’s how you wish to cater to him). Either way, it’s all appreciated and food can certainly be a gift.

It can be difficult to shop for or cater to our mates because we don’t know them and what they’re interested in as much as we think we do. You don’t have to overspend, go broke or go big in order to make a splash when buying a gift or catering to someone. You just have to pay attention to detail, ask the right questions and listen closely during conversations. If all else fails, at least know where they like to spend their free time and get him a gift card!

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II  

Follow Johnny on Instagram: @slin_k_polymath


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