We are finally over the anxiety of Thanksgiving, hopefully, your pockets have recovered from Christmas and you’re done stressing over how, where, and who to spend New Year’s Eve with; It’s now time to start thinking about Valentines. Stores certainly wasted no time putting up Valentine’s Day displays and imagery seemingly on New Years Day.

Valentine’s Day similarly to Christmas can be an expensive day, an agonizing, and anxiety-filled time; especially for those that are single and dating. But unlike Christmas when most things are closed, Valentine’s Day is also a going holiday similar to New Year’s Eve, and you can anticipate needing reservations, long waits or crowded spaces.  With Valentine being on a weekend this year it opens up some other creative possibilities.

◦    Dinner on the Beach – If you live in proximity to a beach, dinner or a picnic on the beach is always a nice outing or good change up to a routine. Dinner on the beach can easily be either a romantic or a sweet gesture. If you surprise each other with your favorite foods, treats and drinks it can fit within any price point. If you don’t have a beach, try a picnic next to a lake

◦    Cooking Class  – Pretty much everybody and their mother will be trying to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day; let’s face it eating is a major part of the holiday. Instead of going to a loud or crowded restaurant; take a cooking class. You’ll still get to eat, but you’ll learn how to make a meal, get to spend some quality time and have an experience together. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably make a meal with aphrodisiacs and learn to pair it with wine or something. Speaking of wine, a wine tasting would be a good potential option also. If you’re not in a deep relationship yet this is an excellent date to get to know someone and build chemistry with them. You can learn a lot about each other’s likes, willingness to try new things, whether you can work together, if they follow directions well, etc.

◦    Take a Dance Class – Not only can you pick up a new experience, but you can also get some culture, get moving/exercise, and have some fun, on top of it being something out the ordinary for any type of date. Find a dance studio and work on your rhythm as a couple, your patience, your ability to lead or be lead, etc., etc. And if you want to spice it try something like Kompa, Bachata, Rumba, Merengue, or Kizomba

◦    Late Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day this year is on a Friday. You can rest assured that Friday night will be a complete madhouse, so skip Friday night and make plans for Saturday or Sunday. Instead of Dinner do lunch or brunch or cook for each other.

◦    Day trip to a close by city – Try a weekend getaway since you have a whole weekend to play with. A nice little baecation could be with the doctor ordered. Get a room on the other side of town or even better pick a direction and drive two or three hours outside of your area and explore a new city together. Use apps like Groupon and Open Table to find activities and local restaurants to try. It can be a nice little adventure

◦    Love Scavenger Hunt – If you have some time, creativity and your partner likes surprises and can follow directions a scavenger hunt can be an amazing gift/experience. You can do one that sends them throughout the house or as big as one that sends them around the city from spot to spot. As long as you have good clues, good timing, and a good surprise at the end, you can make a scavenger hunt as romantic, sweet or raunchy as you like

◦    A concert – This one is almost a no brainer, and should be relatively easy to pull off. Somebody is almost guaranteed to be coming to a city near you to perform around Valentine’s Day, make a night of it and let them get the mood right for you. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, look for a place with a live band, a jazz club, or lounge; a little live music and slow dancing is always a good adult date. A few other possibilities are in this same range are poetry, you can generally find plenty of good erotic poetry/ spoken word nights on and around Valentine’s Day or you can find a comedy/improv club and just have some good laughs.

Strip Club – If you’re looking for something a little more risqué, a date to the strip club can not only be entertaining but it can turn things up in a hurry. It’s one thing to go to the strip club when you’re single, it’s something else when you go with a group, but it’s a whole different beast when you go as a couple. Go to a higher-end strip club and watch some acrobatics and do yourself a favor and get a private dance as a couple ( You’re Welcome). If the strip club is too much for you, look for a burlesque show, it’s suggestive and more NC-17/ R rated.  

A trip to an adult store  – If you want to spice up your relationship and your sex life, take a trip to the nearest adult store together and do a little shopping, and spend the rest of the weekend testing things out and playing. Make it a nice long trip and explore and discuss the possibilities of everything. Explore the costumes, explore the toys see how they work, explore the creams and lubes, check out the props. Leave no stone unturned ask questions and for suggestions from the employees, who are probably experts. If your partner says, “hmm” or “ooouu”, “ ohh my” or their eyes get big; explore it. Discuss fantasies and fetishes, then get to exploring each other. Most importantly be safe, so explore the different types or condoms and experiment with those also.

Valentine’s Day is an easily customizable holiday, take it and make it your own; make it as friendly, cute, sweet, saucy, sexual as you want it to be. The key is to just be creative and sincere. Take the traditional or expected and break it apart, these are suggestions that you can tell your partner to do for you, or you can take these and do them for him because men are often left out of the receiving end of the Valentines Day experience. Have some fun, do something out of the ordinary other than the traditional candy and flowers at work,  dinner that night and some nookie that night. You have a whole weekend to play with, make the most of it.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II  

Follow Johnny on Instagram: @slin_k_polymath


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