WHY DO MEN LIE? It’s one of the most asked questions by women about men. So after some deep thought and analysis, I’ve created this list to address that question for you. I’ll be dead honest, but are you willing to accept the answers? Here are four reasons why men lie:

1.) To Impress – Sometimes men exaggerate or embellish the truth to get your attention or to keep your attention. Now, this is not necessarily all that bad because everybody knows when you first meet someone, you’re not truly meeting them; you’re meeting their representative. Most people don’t like you “flaws and all” until after they’ve gotten to know you. The goal is to make you drop your defenses and engage. Most men who get you to bring that wall down are just pretty good liars.

In this situation, a lie is our make up. It covers up an imperfection or flaw, makes us more attractive and enhances what we already have going on.

2.) To Protect – Sometimes men lie to not hurt your feelings or not ruin a moment. I can already hear women across the nation saying, “Tell me the truth no matter what!” It sounds excellent in theory but works out horribly in practice. These lies are usually moments of convenience or lies for which we’ll be punished either way. We go with the one that sounds better, puts you at ease and doesn’t ruin the moment or cause a scene.

Ladies, sometimes you put us between a rock and a hard place by asking no-win questions we literally don’t know how to answer. If you ask if you’re the best lover we’ve ever had WHILE we’re having sex and I say no, the session is immediately over. And of course I like your friends and family because if I say I don’t, now we have to have a lengthy convo about why.

The problem with many men is we don’t know how to be honest and caring at the same time. Oftentimes, men tell the truth and women think they are playing, joking or lying because he didn’t say what she expected to hear.

Sometimes men lie to avoid being accused of lying.

We say what you expect rather than what is. Yes, is it very flawed logic!


3.) Because We’re Greedy – These are the men who women usually talk about that waste your time with lies. We’ve all heard complaints about men who just want to go out every now and then or just want casual sex. The claim comes back that if men would just say this in the beginning, it’d be OK since that’s what some women want, too. Again, that sounds good but doesn’t quite work that way.

When we’re honest in this situation right from the jump, we usually get more rejections than acceptances. The reason most men in this position lie is they are greedy and want all the women. They’re worried about the numbers– not the aftermath. Some men will tell a lie when the truth will do because they don’t realize the value of a good reputation until it’s gone. She may be mad that all he wants is sex, but she’ll respect him a lot more than the dude who plays her.  Most men only break out of this stage after they’ve had some car damage and public drama in their lives.


4.) Because We’re Afraid – Some men lie when they are legit guilty and have something to hide, but they think it’s something you won’t support them on or forgive them for. These are usually the heavy lies that devastate when they come to the light; the skeletons in closets such as “I quit my job,” “I cheated,” “I have an outside kid,” and so on.

Men lie to try to hold on to what brings them happiness in the dark moment, but they rob women of the opportunity to forgive, support and possibly work through the problem.

What we fail to realize is the cover-up is often worse than the crime.

I’m not telling you to accept lies; I’m just analyzing the different situations and reasons for why it’s done. Some of them can be overlooked or lived with, some can’t and don’t deserve to be. We each need to examine our own lies before we go in on everybody else and make it seem like it an epidemic. So whether it’s the waist trainer, the shopping bags, or the ex you still see from time to time, we all got some lies to deal with.

Written By: Johnny Brownlee II  

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