How many times a day do you scroll through your Instagram timeline and see some lame quote about love? Does it ever make you wonder, who wrote this sh*t? While some of them can be pretty accurate and encouraging, others are just plain stupid. Take this one, for example:


Now at first glance, this may seem like sound advice. But if you live by this motto, consider yourself inducted into the sub-culture of millennials who are slowly destroying the core values of love.

These are the people who have twisted the praise of the “independent woman” into some kind of anti-man campaign. What is so wrong with needing a man?? Sure, you can buy your own Value Meal and put gas in your Honda, but nothing compares to a bomb bae. Nope, not even B.O.B., the battery-operated boyfriend.

No one’s saying you should sit in a corner all day sobbing because you’re single, but don’t over-inflate your ego just to make yourself feel better about it…because the next IG post you’ll end up “liking” is this one:




There’s a thin line between confident and delusional, and some things just don’t need to be said. It’s 2016; men know we don’t literally need them to do everything for us anymore. Women can now be bosses from the bedroom to the boardroom, and everything in between. But walk around with resting “I don’t need a man” face and you’ll be walking alone.

Be careful which popular piece of advice you choose to follow. Obviously, half the people who create those quotes and memes haven’t heard of spell check. Is that really someone you want giving you tips on life and love? It’s just social media, people…Practice safe scrolling.





Written By: Dóréal Quarles, Senior Relationships Editor

Follow Dóréal on Instagram: @IAmQueenDQ


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