Provided by Westley and Angel on February 20, 2016.
Provided by Westley and Angel on February 20, 2016.
Provided by Westley and Angel on February 20, 2016.

Westley and Angel, high school sweethearts, are engaged to be married. What started out as a bet, has blossomed into a beautiful connection that the two share. They are now the proud parents of fraternal twins and can hardly wait to tie the knot. Here is their love story.

EGL: How did you two meet?

Angel: Westley and I met in high school of 2004. He said that he had seen me first, but I approached him. It was actually a bet between myself and a classmate that I would ask him out, and it all started from there.

EGL: Westley, what is one thing you admire most about Angel?

Westley: My fiance is usually the first person I speak to when I have ideas for new projects and personal endeavors. She helps me get through all of my frustrations by managing my time, advising me, etc. She’s almost like my manager. I admire her ability to keep organization a top priority; more than just keeping a clean home, but organization of life and decision making. That is humbling to watch.

EGL: What is the biggest obstacle that the two of you have overcome that’s made your bond stronger?

Angel: Westley had been in a life altering accident. He’d been fatally stabbed by someone very close to him. He was at a point in his life where he was just making a name for himself in what he does, which is videography and photography. He couldn’t even work a regular job at the time and that really affected him mentally. Building his confidence back took a lot, and the biggest part was completely putting his trust in me. I was his nurturer, and it took a certain level of patience for him accept that. It worked because we worked at making it work.

EGL: Westley, how did you propose to Angel?

Westley: Our proposal wasn’t traditional in any sense. We didn’t go out to have a candlelit dinner and a walk on the beach. (No shade to those who’ve had those type of proposals.) Ours was literally just a conversation. I simply told her why I wanted her to be my wife. I’m shy with her, so, sometimes the way I articulate with her is to ramble until I get it out. I remember her saying to me once I FINALLY got it out, “I want to be your wife too.” Even now when I speak of her, she is my wife. That is how I view her. She is my life partner.

EGL: Angel, how did you know that Westley was the one?

Angel: I knew that Westley was the one for me by how he treated me. From high school, I’d never had a young man hold so much adoration toward me the way that he had. Even times when both of us were in separate places in our lives, when we would reconnect and touch base, that adoration was still there. I knew that was something that I wanted, something that I needed, something that I couldn’t be without.

EGL: What’s one piece of advice that you would give to a couple who’s been together since high school?

Westley & Angel: Remember that you are not the same person you were when you were a teen. Your views, your mindset, your emotions, and your values have all changed. Of course, you love your mate, but as you progress individually and as a unit, love changes. As much as folks don’t want to admit it, people change too! Love works. Relationships work because you make it work, even through change. That’s how high school sweethearts, or even couples who didn’t meet their mate until well into adulthood can maintain 10, 20, 30 years of marriage.

EGL congratulates this wonderful couple on their upcoming nuptials and wish them many more years of happiness!

Written By: Briana Monique


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