Tony and stacieTony and Stacie Burnett met during Stacie’s senior year of high school. Having been together for 18 years, and married for 13 years on Valentine’s Day, here is their love story.


EGL: How did you and Tony meet?

I was coming back from the movies with my family.  It was dark outside; so when a car pulled up, I was indeed nervous.  He pulled up with his friend, and his friend was flirting with my cousins.  He wasn’t interested in dating anyone and neither was I, but we connected.  He gave me his number and when I was ready, I contacted him.

EGL: Do you remember when you fell in love with Stacie?

I fell in love with her over time. The more that I got to know her, I fell in love with her.  When I would go about my day, she was always on my mind. I knew she was the one that I wanted to spend my life when she thought of our relationship as a couple not of just of herself.

EGL: Talk about a time in your marriage where there was a situation that made your love and bond stronger.

We were separated for six months and when we decided to get back together, it was rocky because trust was lost.  Once we started to go back and start over as friends, it enhanced our love with each other.  He is my ride or die and my best friend.

EGL: What is the meaning of love and marriage to you?

The meaning of love to me is to love someone more than you love yourself.  The meaning of marriage is to be that companion, compromise, and possess the foundation of friendship.

EGL: Do you have advice for women desiring marriage?

If you desire to become someone’s wife, you have to first learn how to be submissive.  Being submissive doesn’t mean being a doormat and complying like a child. Being submissive is having the ability to allow him to take the lead and trusting that he will have your best interest.  You are his world and he is yours.  Keep the friendship strong and communicate always.

EGL: What is the “secret” to your love?

The secret to our love is being each other’s support system and cheerleader.  I love my husband dearly and will talk with him about anything, and know that he will listen and give me his perspective as would I. We have a trust and bond that cannot be replaced and I thank God everyday for giving me my Boaz.

EGL wishes this couple many more years of love and happiness. Happy 14th wedding anniversary to them as well!

Written By: Chanelle Woods


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