Photo courtesy of Darryl and Melisa Taylor
 Provided by Darryl and Melisa on March 9, 2016.
Provided by Darryl and Melisa on March 9, 2016.

Newlyweds, Darryl and Melisa Taylor, met by chance while Melisa was a waitress at a bar, a little over three years ago. Melisa wasn’t looking for love, but was immediately swept off of her feet. The two both have children from previous relationships, and after being married for six months, they are now one big, beautiful blended family. Here is their love story.

EGL: Darryl, what were your first thoughts when meeting Melisa for the first time?

Darryl: The first time that I saw her, I was thinking that I wanted a woman like that. She was a cutie with a booty. I was actually on a date, and after seeing Melisa, I no longer cared about the date. I told my date that I was going to give Melisa my number because I really wanted to find out more about her. I wanted to know what she was about because she had that look and pizzazz that made me feel like I could really have something with her.

EGL: Melisa, what first attracted you to Darryl?

Melisa: Honestly, he was so sexy! Darryl was Adonis-like handsome; tall, milk chocolate brown skin, he had these nice huge arms, and a body like a jungle gym. It just makes you want to play! He actually walked up asking for his tab, as I was telling a coworker, “I’d like to swing on his arms!” He claims that he didn’t hear it. To me, he was the dream guy; tall, dark, and handsome. I still get that feeling every time I see him.

EGL: What challenges, if any, have the two of you faced that’s made you closer?

Melisa: Life is an everyday challenge to us, but last year was probably the game changer. We went through the death of my father in May, then my mother got married in June, we eloped in September, and then I lost one of my cousins in October. The year 2015 was filled with up-and-down emotions for the both of us, but those are obstacles that we had to get through and are still getting through together. Learning to work as a unit has been a task, because we are both so independent. It’s definitely made us a lot closer to each other and our families.

Darryl: Age has been a challenge. She’s a little older and a little more seasoned, so I respect her values. I’ve learned to listen to my wife, and that it’s okay to let her lead at times. She makes me want to do right, and she’s turning me into a better man.

EGL: Darryl, how did you know you wanted Melisa to be your wife?

Darryl: I knew she would make me a better person. She made me slow down and understand life differently. She’s made me realize that you must have two people who are willing to work as hard as needed to make everything work at all times, regardless of misunderstandings. She is honestly the first woman I’ve been with that puts a true me smile on my face. I love this woman.

EGL: What would the two of you consider a successful marriage?

We can’t say what a “successful” marriage is just yet, we’ve only been married six months and we’re still a work in progress, but trust and communication are an absolute must. It’s also important to keep God in our lives. We believe having fun is important; our date nights can range from a comedy show or a sporting event, to getting down and dirty with paintballing! If we go to bed mad, we wake up in each other’s arms and discuss it in the morning. Last but not least, being intimate and making love; dress up, role play, try new places, just be spontaneous.

EGL: Melisa, do you have any advice for women seeking marriage?

Melisa: Don’t go out seeking. Take the time to get to know yourself and take care of YOU first. Be the type of person you would want to date or marry. You can’t be a nickel looking for a dime. Know your wants out of a relationship and know your values. Most importantly, pray about it and God will answer. When you find him, and if he’s the one, stay fighting for your love. Never give up if you truly love them!

Written By: Briana Monique



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