Image 2: Provided by Shawn and Cinquanta on January 22, 2016.
Image 1: Provided by Shawn and Cinquanta on January 22, 2016.
Shawn and Cinquanta on January 22, 2016.

Having been together for over a decade, Shawn and Cinquanta Smith know what it’s like to have a relationship put to the test. These two have weathered the worst of storms and are still going strong. They are the epitome of black love. Here’s their love story.

EGL: Shawn, what first attracted you to Cinquanta?

Shawn: “I was first attracted to Cinquanta when I met her because of how crazy and wild she was. She wore these glasses that were attractive to me, but we laugh about it now. She was someone who wasn’t afraid to do anything. She had self motivation and she still does. She was the leader when we were growing up and through grade school. To this day, she is the same wild person I met over 15 years ago. She has a lot of dreams that I hope one day come true.”

EGL: What has been one of the hardest obstacles for the two of you to overcome in your marriage?

Cinquanta: “I think we both agree being a military family. Deployments are by far the hardest obstacle. It takes a toll on us both emotionally. Being away from your family for months at a time, you become dependent on yourself. Once they return, it’s like getting to know each other all over again, so we have to find balance and basically start over. Shawn also feels that because he has been in a hostile environment, he matures and comes back a different person. We pretty much have to figure out where we are in our lives and find a way to blend our family again. Most people think it’s easy to pick up where you left off, but it’s not. It really takes time, even months.”

EGL: Cinquanta, what are three qualities you admire most about your husband?

Cinquanta: “He is very supportive and I really appreciate that. I am always trying to do so much, and he supports my dreams even when I’m ready to give up. He gives me this extra push.  Shawn comes off as shy to a lot of people, but he makes me laugh. If you ever get the pleasure of getting to know him, you’ll get to witness just how funny he is. He is also very observant. I tell you, this man can fix just about anything that is broken. He is a mechanic, but he has fixed many things that are not related to a car. I am always amazed at that.”

EGL: How do you keep your romance alive after almost a decade of being together?

Cinquanta: “We flirt a lot, now as we get older. We over-communicate. We talk about things that make us uncomfortable, and in return, it makes us closer. We send cute text messages throughout the day. We even FaceTime often before work. We love the fact that we get to have our “shower power” time most evenings, as well.”

EGL: Shawn, how did you know that Cinquanta was the one?”

Shawn: “I knew that Cinquanta was the one when she stood by me through all of the stuff that I put her through. From all of our break ups in school, to getting another girl pregnant, she still stuck by my side. Even when I lost my driver’s license, she was still there. When she joined the service, I was supposed to go, but I got into some trouble. She came back for me and got me out of that town. That’s when I knew that this girl was my soulmate, so I had to do it.”

EGL: What affect, if any, did having children have on your relationship?

Cinquanta: “This was very hard because each time that I was pregnant or shortly after having a child, Shawn was away for training or deployment. So, it started off rough for us. I feel that because of deployments, he sometimes doesn’t understand what I went through feeling like a single parent. I also feel that we both have a different type of bond with our kids because of this. He has been home for a few years now, but later this year he is scheduled to leave again. This will be the first time that the kids are old enough to understand that he is going to be gone for a while.”

EGL: Cinquanta, do you have any advice for women seeking marriage?

Cinquanta: “Make sure you are ready! It is easy to love someone, but you must also love them through the good and the bad. I say to seek counseling beforehand. There may be underlying issues that you guys have, that won’t surface until you are forced to talk about things. Communication is the key to success. Talk about issues until you are blue in the face. End it on a high kiss, and pray before you go to sleep. Set goals with your future husband and achieve them together. My last piece of advice: Keep God first in your marriage.”

EGL wishes this wonderful couple many more years of love and happiness!

Written By: Briana Monique



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