Provided by Alberthe & Eugene on January 20, 2016
Image 1: Provided by Alberthe & Eugene on January 20, 2016
Image 1: Provided by Alberthe & Eugene on January 20, 2016

Alberthe and Eugene Buabeng, newly married, believe you should absolutely start any relationship off as friends. For Alberthe, she wasn’t expecting to meet her other half while working at the NBA store in New York. She didn’t take him serious back then, but now the two are head over heels for each other, with one daughter. Here’s their love story.

EGL: Alberthe, what was your first reaction when meeting Eugene for the first time?

Alberthe: “Whose kid is this?” Lol. I didn’t know why he was talking to me. He was weird; cute, but weird.

EGL:  Eugene, how did you know you wanted Alberthe to be your wife?

Eugene: She was different from what I was used to. She liked my weirdness.

EGL: When the two of you argue, how do you settle disagreements?

Eugene: As the man, I know I’ll never win an argument with her, but I try to fix what caused the argument and not blame her or myself. Oh, and I let her have the last word (trust me, guys, this will save your relationship!)

Alberthe: He doesn’t always let me have the last word, but I do my best to not always need to have the last word. I try not to get stuck in my feelings and would rather take a more pragmatic approach.

EGL:  What has been the most challenging part about being married, thus far?

Alberthe: We can’t really say that the challenges are any different from what they were before because we don’t view our marriage any differently than our relationship, except now it’s legal. We didn’t let our marriage change us, so it’s actually made it easier. A lot of people go into their marriage expecting a drastic change, which usually sets them up for failure.

EGL:  Alberthe, how has becoming a mother changed you?

Alberthe: It’s shifted my focus. I’ve always been a bit on the paranoid/protective side, but now I’m hypersensitive to everything that has the potential to be bad for my daughter. Everything from the microwave to speeding cars. The people or things that I previously worried about, seem so trivial and insignificant now. If it doesn’t have any direct bearing on my new little family, I just don’t care like I used to.

EGL: What would you two say the secret is to your love?

Alberthe: We’re friends before anything else. We’ve always been able to talk to one another and have fun together, so everything just feels easy, even when it’s hard.

EGL:  Eugene, do you have any advice for men who may be afraid of commitment?

Eugene: Just take it one day at a time. Being in relationship is a two-way highway, fast but controllable. Both partners should be focused and assist each other where the other falls short.

EGL gives thanks to this wonderful couple for their feature and wishes them many years of happiness!

Written By: Briana Monique



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