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R&B superstar Monica and two-time NBA Champion Shannon Brown have been married  for over 5 years and have quickly become one of today’s most beloved “ride or die” couples. With the ever-invading age of social media, many wonder how the Browns have been able to withstand past and recent DM scandals, conceal a perspective shifting car accident and ignore the many rumors and opinions surrounding marital woes and discord. So how do you social media proof your relationship when the ability to share is constantly at your fingertips? Here are a few tips:

[Monica and Shannon Brown Red Carpet]. Retrieved May 28, 2016. From: https://ioneglobalgrind.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/144934620.jpg?w=1024&h=948
Not Sharing Is Caring. Sometimes people are so quick to display their feelings on social media that they forget about their partner’s feelings. Your mate doing something to disappoint you doesn’t give you a free pass to air their or your dirty laundry across multiple social media platforms. Instead of telling all of your “friends” how you feel, try talking to the person who truly matters; your partner. 

Do Not Tear Down Your House. If you scroll through Monica’s Instagram, you’ll see that every picture she posts of her husband is accompanied with a message attesting to her love, support and respect for him. Never will you find a comment from her disrespecting him or tearing down her house. Take a tip from Monica and put all of your energy into building your partner up. There are always people on social media who are waiting to tear down your relationship for you, so there is never a need for you to do it.

Quiet Outside Opinions. The quickest way to quiet unsolicited advice is to truly not solicit it. If you don’t want people speaking on negative aspects regarding your relationship, don’t invite them into that part of your life.

Remember, people only have access to what you share. So the moment you post any thought on social media is the moment you invite

“I would…”

“You should…” and

“Couldn’t have been me,” into your life. If you want a part of your life to remain personal, take a hint from Monica and Shannon and keep it private.

Written By: Jessica Gantt


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