: [Adam and Tamera Wedding]. Retrieved June 19, 2016. From:
: [Adam and Tamera Wedding]. Retrieved June 19, 2016. From:
Actress Tamera Mowry-Housley and her husband, Emmy award-winning journalist Adam Housley, have been married since 2011 and have two beautiful children together. Although they are usually all smiles, the couple frequently deals with negative comments regarding their multi-cultural family (he is white and she is black and white). How do they manage to keep from getting into explosive arguments with complete strangers on a daily basis? They’ve mastered the art of protecting what’s most important. Here are some tips on how to block the haters like the Housley’s.

Protect Your Partner

Don’t share negativity. You don’t have to share every negative thing someone says about you or your relationship with your partner. Remain positive. Venting is normal. Allow your partner to vent, but try to remain positive. Becoming hateful because someone else chooses to, never ends well. Encourage laughter. Remind your partner to laugh. A hateful person’s job is to hurt you. Don’t allow them to, instead find the humor in the things they say or do.

Protect Yourself

Refrain from validating the things others say. It’s easy to try to relate to the things people say, but when someone is saying hateful and hurtful things about your relationship, don’t try to understand their train of thought. Know that there is no understanding in hate. Don’t revel in negativity. No matter who it comes from, take it with a grain of salt. Know that not everyone is going to agree or understand your choice.

Protect Your Relationship

Share your love. Don’t be afraid to post pictures of you and your love on social media or partake in PDA. Block and delete negative comments. When people whether it’s family, friends or strangers say negative things about you and your partner, take a note from the Housley’s and block them. Don’t engage. Everyone goes into defensive mode when it comes to the people they love, but remember silence is always key.

The Housley’s both have platforms to speak on the hurtful comments they deal with everyday, yet they chose not to. Follow the example the couple has set and make a choice daily to walk in positivity and protect what’s most important.

Written By: Jessica Gantt


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