Waiting to Exhale (Photograph). Retrieved 3-25-16 from http://resizing.flixster.com/IMdYmHbPVTwUGevfiAKN7-QFc-Q=/799x1066/v1.bTsxMTI5MjM1NDtqOzE3MDE0OzIwNDg7MTUzNjsyMDQ4
Waiting to Exhale (Photograph). Retrieved 3-25-16 from http://resizing.flixster.com/IMdYmHbPVTwUGevfiAKN7-QFc-Q=/799×1066/v1.bTsxMTI5MjM1NDtqOzE3MDE0OzIwNDg7MTUzNjsyMDQ4

There is no doubt about it; the 90’s was an extraordinary decade for African Americans in Hollywood. Our parent’s favorite movies, if not our own, were released, becoming must sees in the archive of legendary films. Though we have been fortunate to witness sequels to the greats like Friday and The Best Man, they have only increased our anticipation for a follow-up of AT LEAST one other movie. Well,it seems as if our unfaltering hope and consistent requests may have finally been answered as a sequel to Waiting to Exhale is in the works.

During an interview on Hollywood Today Live, Loretta Devine who played Gloria “Glo” Matthews in the 1995 movie revealed the big news, while explaining the obstacles that have resulted in its delay.

“They’re still writing on it, for all we know… Everything happened so quick because Gregory passed and then Whitney passed and it’s like you can’t start a movie with two funerals and they were like the key characters and so everything just sort of got scattered after that but I think Terry McMillan is still trying to make it happen,” she explained.

According to Devine, all other cast members would return for the sequel. In regards to replacing the late Whitney Houston, she expressed her confidence in finding the right the person among the rising talent in the industry.:

“Oh they have so much new young, great talent so it would be limitless girls that could do it.”

It has been twenty years since the original Waiting to Exhale came out in theaters but is a remake necessary without all of the characters we have grown to love? Should Whitney’s character be replaced or written off? Tell us what you think!!!

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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