Recevied 2/28/16 Credit: Exclusive! Lord Jamar: Ciara's Lawsuit Against Future is Destructive to Black Families

Lord Jamar [Photograph], Credit: Vlad TV
Lord Jamar [Photograph], Credit: Vlad TV
In an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, veteran rapper Lord Jamar shared his thoughts and opinions on singer Ciaras $15 million lawsuit against the father of her son, Future.

The former music lovers turned enemies hit a sour note earlier this year when Future went on a Twitter rant, criticizing Ciara’s parenting skills, even calling her a “b-tch.” Ciara then filed a lawsuit against her child’s father for slander.

Credit:Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Credit:Kevin Mazur/WireImage

But Lord Jamar said Ciara’s lawsuit is “a destruction of the black family and the couple should patch things up to raise their son” as he feels from a father’s perspective, that mothers can’t properly fill the role of fathers and men can’t fill mother roles.

Black families need to come together as a family unit. We’re seeing the ramifications of all these single mothers now with all these young boys out here running around, killing each other based on emotion, because who was the person they looked up to? An emotional creature. It was a woman.” Jamar said.

He also said in the exclusive interview that the “media and welfare system is to blame for battle of the sexes and wrongly suggesting that being a family unit is more detrimental than picking up a gun.

At the end of the day, Jamar just wants Ciara and Future to find peace with each other so they can co-parent effectively. Watch the full interview below and share your thoughts.

By Tiffany Hercules


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