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In 2019’s music industry, we have Da Baby, Lil Baby and Baby, and many of us don’t know who’s who. But then there’s Lizzo, a Detroit born, Houston bred Goddess who’s taking over our airways. Lizzo is no rookie to the game. Beginning her career in 2013, she has made her way through the industry before receiving commercial success in 2019.

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I recently had a chance to attend Lizzo’s SOLD OUT Philadelphia stop on her “Cuz I Love You Too” tour, and the set was as magical as you’d think it would be. Joined by the unapologetically fierce and super talented Ari Lennox, “Cuz I Love You Too” is an experience that every women should attend before it commences. The show opened with Ari Lennox. The “Shea Butter Baby” graced the stage with a 30-minute set featuring singles “BMO,” “New Apartment” and “Backseat.”

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With natural hair and beautiful brown skin, Ari Lennox musically takes us on a journey from 2019 and leads us into the late 90’s and early 2000’s when Erykah Badu first broke into the industry. There is a nostalgic familiarity in Ari’s voice, leaving no question as to why J. Cole’s Dreamville label jumped on the chance to sign Lennox. Despite Ari’s recent tweets claiming that she will not be performing live after this year, the songstress put on a great show.

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The second half of the show featured Lizzo. Her set consisted of dim purple and pink lights and a slew of curvy dancers, giving your favs a run for their money. We were blown away as she belted out her sultry single “Lingerie,” a tale of a woman awaiting her man’s return dressed in sexy lingerie. The single beautifully displayed Lizzo’s everlasting vocal range, as she finished the song in falsetto, dressed in a sheer robe accented with feather lined sleeves. The sold-out show was packed wall to wall with some of the most diehard fans I’ve ever encountered. Lizzo’s fans ranged from teenagers to mature adults, Black, White, Asian, Gay and Trans, which clearly displays why the 31-year-old songstress is such a huge success. The crowd erupted as soon as the beat dropped for Lizzo’s #1 song in the country, “Truth Hurts.” Every person at “The Met” venue in Philadelphia jumped out of their seats chanting, “Why are men great until they gotta be great?” Also making an appearance was Lizzo’s infamous flute, which she has been playing since her University of Houston college years.

Photo Credit: Billboard, 2019

Singing us through her musical catalog, reminded us of just how talented Lizzo really is. In a time when everything has to be done for the gram, Lizzo reminds us that being vulnerable and being exactly who you are is more important than stunting for the internet. “Cuz I Love You Too” was a journey through sadness and heart break, followed by strength, happiness and acceptance of one’s true self. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets to the tour, you should do so before it sells out! Lizzo and Ari Lennox’s set is a must see, so grab your girls, and your guys and prepare for a night of undeniable talent. For more on Lizzo, check out her Instagram here.

Written by: Tysha White of StyledtoaTEA


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