How about Pharrell’s “Happy,” Kirk Franklin’s “Smile”, and of course our boy Little Duval with his mega-hit on Not giving Two F***s? These artists in their own little way, asking that we stop and smell the roses and thank the Almighty that despite it all we are here. Why don’t we cheer?! The answer to that questions usually lies in the fact that many of us don’t truly know how to just be happy. How does one find time to slow down just enough to look at their own little speck in this vast universe and just be thankful? Well, it is my hope that we find a few pointers in these words that will move our happy meter a little more on (F) for Full, with Fearlessness, Fluidity, and Forgiveness.

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Be fearless. No doubt living outside of your comfort zone is scary, (that’s why they call it comfort), but unfortunately nothing great can really come from being too comfortable. What do you have to strive for? I’m not going to tell you to jump and quit your job so that you’ll be happy (although this may be the route for some) start on a smaller scale and work your way up. Whether it is taking a new fitness class, trying new foods to expand your palate at a new restaurant, or even… dare I say it…try the color yellow! The act of being fearless won’t be the same for everyone, stand in your own discomfort zone for the betterment of us all.

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Be Fluid. I want to say more…be like water the most powerful element on Earth. Water moves and bends to whatever it needs to in accordance to its ultimate goal.  There are going to be many days where you want to make sure that you stand your ground and be the ego in the room (you are just that great) but standing firm in some cases shows more weakness than strength and will take you further from the destination. Yes, there may be something that causes you to fulfill an unwanted task, go another course, or even stop for one moment to look at an alternate plan. If it doesn’t compromise your soul, do it!  That one deviation could lead you to that pot of gold you were NOT looking for, but KNEW was there.


Be Forgiving. One of the most difficult things to do is forgive, especially when someone has hurt you to the core and betrayed your trust. Did you know it wouldn’t be for them, but mostly for you? By getting negative hateful energy away from you and replacing it with forgiveness it makes your life more meaningful/happy. Now, by no means do you allow hurtful negative people back into your life, just send them a heartfelt forgiving Air Kiss and keep it moving.

In the end, understanding that you are more powerful and purposeful than ever realized will give you the fuel to push forward into your greatness, propelling you toward bliss…Smile B****.


Written by: Sabreen Shabazz-Straker, The Modern Domestic, Staff Writer



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