Lil Wayne [Photograph]. Retrieved via youtube on 4-19-16.
(Photos: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup; Fafotos/PictureGroup)
(Photos: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup; Fafotos/PictureGroup)

Lil Wayne dropped in at DJ Drama’s radio show, and revealed details of a meeting that happened years ago with Jay Z, who offered him a horrible record deal.

Wayne started off by saying, “You know it was crazysince we cool I can tell the story now right? Thats the big homie now,” he and Mack Maine start laughing hysterically.

The rapper continued, “You know when I went out to talk to him about being at Roc-A-Fella, and mind you this was years ago. First of all, he was at the 40/40 in the daytime, and when I got up there he was talkin, it was Denzel [Washington], it was Derek JeterI was like, This is his clique? And they up there just laughin at jokes I just dont get. He literally sat me down next to him, and this where all that is going on at, and he sat me right here. Like You aint a part of this, you know? And he would talk to me on the side after every joke.”

Lil Wayne went on to reveal how much Jay offered him to join Roc-A-Fella, “That man offered me 175 [thousand dollars],” says Wayne before laughing. “I said, Believe that…’ I was looking liketwo teeth in my mouth is 175. My bottom teeth. So we laugh about that all the time.”

It’s great that Lil Wayne and Jay Z can laugh about this moment now, Wayne revealed that he still looks up to Jay Z as a mentor. Check out the clip of Lil Wayne at the radio show discussing the incident below.

Written By: Adia Taylor


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