Courtesy of Yahya Smith

Ever wish you could push the pause button on your life and have someone else step in for you? Well, technology isn’t quite there yet, but Life Coach Yahya Smith may be the next best thing. EGL had the opportunity to speak with her about her mission to help women, and she dropped some major gems about how to embrace the power of womanhood and be successful in life AND love.

“If you would have told me this is what I would be doing, there’s no way I would have believed you,” Smith said of her work. “But being a life coach definitely fulfills my purpose. I wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t. I was coaching women in the street, in the nail shop—everywhere! I hear from so many women who tell me how much better they’re doing now and it’s definitely a great feeling.”

Smith’s journey of female empowerment began with a simple blog when several women began reaching out to her for help. The blog later evolved into a brand for the everyday woman with forums such as the Facebook group, The Queen Tribe. Smith also developed the Feminine Success School, an online program she describes as a space where women can learn to balance life, family, career, and even finances.

“I speak to a lot of women in their 40s who feel like they’ve wasted their fertile years or have to choose between career and family, but you can do both,” said Smith.

Courtesy of Yahya Smith

The married mompreneur is a living example of how to balance a busy life like a boss. So how in the world does she do it? Smith and her husband make sure to keep God the center of everything in their lives. For the single ladies who feel like their love life keeps hitting a dead end, Smith insists you align yourself with God’s will and get out of your own way.

“What you want is NOTHING compared to what God wants for you. Realize how much you’re worth and stop giving people discounts!”

As if she weren’t busy enough already, Smith and her husband will soon be welcoming their fourth child and first daughter into the family. She is looking forward to creating a healthier mother-daughter relationship than the one she had growing up, while helping others do the same.

“My relationship with my mother used to be so bad,” Smith explained. “It was so toxic. I have two other sisters and her relationship with them was fine. I think it was because I was the oldest. A lot of times, especially in the African-American community, we speak about breaking generational curses. You don’t have to be a prisoner to the things that have happened in your life. It doesn’t mean that those things never happened, but you don’t have to carry them with you every day. You can change your story.”

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Written By: Dóréal Quarles, Relationships Senior Editor

Instagram: @IAmQueenDQ


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