Drake and Leslie Jones Photo: YouTube
Drake and Leslie Jones Photo: YouTube
Drake and Leslie Jones Photo: YouTube

Who could blame Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones for wanting to put the moves on Drake! In a new SNL promo video, the actress hilariously intimidates Drake and flirts with him in a few fun, light-hearted clips, advertising for SNL.

Drake and Leslie Jones tease a short video for this weekend’s episode. Drake, who is celebrating his No.1 album “Views From The 6, will be the musical guest and host of the show.

In the first clip, Drake tries to announce his appearance, but he is distracted by Jones’ hands on his butt. When Drake asks her to remove them, she then says, “I can’t make no promises.” Then, she does it again.

Jones’ is seen chumping Drake off throughout the video. She runs some ideas by Drizzy, which include spanking him like a baby.

I don’t know if I want to play a baby,” he says. It’s not before long that Jones invites Drake to sit on her lap. He thinks it’s a joke, but after her evil stare, the 6 God ends up on her lap anyway.

This will be Drake’s second appearance on SNL since he served as a musical guest in 2014. Supposedly, the actor turned rapper did extremely well during his first appearance, so this weekend’s episode is worth tuning into.

Watch the promo below!

Written By: Taylor Bennett


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