Whether you’re renting an apartment or buying a home, every space in your home should be cluttered free. Small rooms can get cluttered really fast without you even realizing it. It’s all fun and games until your shopping sprees and hoarding ways becomes a complete disaster when trying to store everything. You’ve told yourself a million times that you’re not a pack rat but from the looks of things, you have reached the mark. So here are some ways to declutter your cramped space. Thank us later.

Small Living Room


If you’re in the process of renting an apartment or home, the living room can sometimes be smaller than you’d like. Decorating with busy colors and prints can make the room look even smaller. Try picking a 3-colored-palette to decorate your room.

Space Savers


Remove everything out of your closet. Invest in some space saver hangers and hang your clothes. Invest in some shower curtain hooks and hang your scarves and belts on the hooks. Create a place to hang your hats.The key to decluttering any small space is having a location for everything. Say goodbye to those bins because they take up too much space.

Note: Your closet is the first space that gets out of control; especially, if you love shopping.

Storage System


This shelf ladder can serve a purpose in any room in your house, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Create Space

Adding mirrors to any room in your house will help create an open space for a cluttered room. Mirrors will give the illusion that an open window exists when it doesn’t.

As mentioned before,  the key to decluttering any small space is really creating an organization method. Stay away from busy patterns and create unique ways to organize your things.

Written By: Johnakeshia, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer
Instagram: Johnakeshia



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