LaLa Anthony’s Instagram via @lala; Timbaland’s Instagram via @timbaland, retrieved 1-28-16
LaLa Anthony’s Instagram via @lala; Timbaland’s Instagram via @timbaland, retrieved 1-28-16

With so many “Hip Hop” reality shows on the rise, we’ll finally get a chance to see the real on how the elite side of the Hip Hop industry actually works. Triple threat (actress, producer and author) LaLa Anthony and Grammy winner producer Timbaland are using their star power to develop a Hip-Hop documentaries.

The series will focus on the premiere casting agency, Face Time Agency who book music videos and Hip Hop fashion models for the A-listers such as Drake, Kanye West and Robin Thicke.

According to Leftfield Entertainment CEO David George.

La La and Timbaland are perfect examples of what can be achieved when talent, determination and creativity collide with entrepreneurship. We’re thrilled to be in business with these two entertainment innovators to create a series that uncovers a unique, rarified faction of hip hop and provides a true soundtrack for the unpredictable journey toward fame and fortune.

Set in the New York City nightlife, the docuseries will show how clubs have become boardrooms for the A-List and how cutthroat the entrepreneurial side of the Hip-Hop world can be with models, DJs and social media stars all hustling to become moguls in those same worlds.

The mother of one will executive produce the project while Timbaland will serve as the executive music producer. The project will be distributed through Leftfield Pictures.

LaLa stated on,

“I’m thrilled to be executive producing a project that offers a true insiders look into the business side of hip hop, especially one that explores the lives of fascinating women who have used hip hop as their platform to become successful entrepreneurs in fashion, music and more.”

No premiere date has been set for the “untitled” series.

Written by: Jnelle Belle


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