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Whether it be from the thrift store, Craigslist or the clearance rack, we at EGL love a good deal! Something about the thrill of the find is rewarding. Despite our ability to furnish and decorate on a dime, some things are worth the splurge. If you’ve saved up and are looking for strategic ways to incorporate luxury into your home, here’s the top three items for which to splurge!

  1. Bed
Beautiful bed decor. Retrieved July11, 2016 from
Beautiful bed decor. Retrieved July11, 2016 from

Invest in a good night’s rest! The perfect mattress, sheets, bedding, and throw blankets are proven to impact your health and wellness. The right mattress accompanied by high-count sheets can completely change the way you sleep, while the perfect bedding and blanket(s) serve double duty and can transform your space’s decor. Before you focus on other items in your home, make your sleep haven a priority.

  1. Sofa
High traffic couch/sofa idea. Retrirved July 11, 2016 from
High traffic couch/sofa idea. Retrirved July 11, 2016 from

Finding the right couch for your space can be a daunting task. Sofas almost always come with a price tag of at least a few hundred dollars and are a large piece of any room’s décor. While you may consider accenting with thrifty pieces, always buy quality when it comes to your sofa. Think about the requirements for your main living area’s sofa. It’s got to accommodate the cuddling, the lounging, the sleeping, the hosting, and, to top it off, do it all with style! If you would like a sofa to last the test of time (and pets, kids, stains, etc.), invest in the piece that’s right for you and your space. Look for fabrics that will age gracefully (like quality leather or stain-disguising fabrics). Purchase the additional coverage where applicable and don’t be afraid to keep shopping until you find the perfect one.

  1. Lighting
Dining area lighting fixture. Retrirved July 11, 2016 from
Dining area lighting fixture. Retrirved July 11, 2016 from

Lighting impacts how you see the areas around you. Invest in quality lighting to make your space shine. Consider adding dimmers to your existing lighting solutions and your lights will serve double duty. Not only will they create ambient lighting, but their designs can serve as pieces of décor.

The key to splurging in your home isn’t always found in the price and purchase of luxury brands. Identify what’s important to you and create a space that meets your needs and caters (or splurges) to your wants. Find  successful balance in your home’s design by saving where you can and splurging where you should.

Written By: Tabitha Keese, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic
Founder of Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island Blog



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