We had the pleasure of chatting with bespoke lingerie designer, Sarah Waston of Breakfast at 6, on why lingerie is always a good look for women and the men they love to please!

EGL: Tell us why lingerie for EVERY woman rather than only specific types of women.

Sarah Watson: Lingerie is for every woman– just like physical touch and intimacy. It’s bold and fills your cup in ways that can’t be explained without the experience of it. It’s not just for a particular type of woman, body type or confidence level. Lingerie is literally the universal sign that it’s about to go down! I know we see it mainly on certain body types down the runway but I believe that reign will be ending soon, because real women are creating things for a market of real women. Consumers are demanding that representation and inclusivity.

EGL: That’s a great point, Sarah, but there are women who struggle with body image and whether they will be attractive to their partners wearing lingerie. So what kind of lingerie is best for which body type?

SW: Honestly, all lingerie is okay for all body types and here’s why. I’ve seen more voluptuous women wear my balconette bras and look stunning, and I’ll speak for myself here when I say a little bit of latex goes a long way for a sexy liquid/BDSM look- I used to be so insecure and never thought I should wear those things! I’m not particularly curvy, but if you don’t go out and experiment with new styles lingerie, the same way you would a new hairstyle or dress, how will you ever know what you feel sexy and beautiful in? The first rule of lingerie is to wear it for you! Your partner wants YOU, not the body type label.

EGL: What does lingerie really do for intimacy in relationships?

SW: Without waving my feminist flag, I will admit that lingerie elevates a woman’s sense of self. We’re more aware of our curves and dips and the raw sensibilities of being women. Honestly, most men are turned on by that confidence.

Lingerie also adds touches of thoughtfulness in our wardrobe that say, ‘I thought about you,’ or ‘I wanted to give you something that will stay on your mind.’ [It’s] a different picture of us than a mom or CEO, or the person asking you to pick up your socks. In safe spaces, our bodies are meant to be adorned and devoured in the bedroom. The lace is just the cherry on top!

EGL: What’s the top myth about wearing lingerie? What’s the truth?

SW: One myth right now that makes me cringe is that boobie-blessed women aren’t “allowed” to or can’t wear bralettes, the trendy triangle soft bras that you see mostly on A or B cup women. The truth is, bralettes are not made for support anyway. It’s strictly for looks, so really there’s no merit on why they should be limited for smaller breast sizes.

The other myth is that small women like me can’t wear thongs.. and we all know everyone petite, curvy, lean or plus size has a thong in their arsenal, OKkkk!

EGL: How does your mission meet a need in the marketplace?

SW: Breakfast at Six represents a fresh new wave of representation of black love personified, for partners and for self, and we shine a much-needed light on all women of color in the intimacy lifestyle space. We represent a variety of bedroom styles/fetishes in our bespoke lingerie on women who look like us.

Well, there you have it. Turn up the sensuality and body appreciation in your love life with a new lacy, latex, love-inducing piece of lingerie. Your morning after will thank you!

Written By: Ashley Littles

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