Hip Hop 90’s fashion was so vibrant yet chill and super inspiring in comparison to the trends we all know and love, today. Flashing back to the 90’s, artists such as the beautiful Aaliyah, TLC, LL Cool J, Tupac and many more, projected a sense of style through their music videos, red carpet appearances and even streetwear. It is a proven fact that history certainly repeats itself and this saying holds true within the realm of fashion, also. Overalls, snapbacks and bandanas may all be new fads for the younger generations, but it’s actually a killer 90’s throwback!

One of the greats in terms of 90’s style, was the late, great, R&B singer, Aaliyah. Recognized for her beauty, talent and style, Aaliyah gave us such a cool, calm and collective vibe through her choice of clothing. Whether it was a bralette, paired with hot leather trousers and boots or a crop top, loose jeans and bandana, accessorized with blacked out shades, she still managed to demolish every look. Aaliyah was always on point with style. The baggy yet sexy look continues to give us just as much life as her music does.

Aaliyah rocking Tommy Hilfiger
Aaliyah wearing a cropped top over baggy trousers with dress shirt.
Photo credit: tuningpp.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016

We find it completely fascinating that when we compare what was worn in the Hip Hop industry in the 90’s, to today’s trends, not a whole lot has changed. Chokers have recently become a fashion statement in all age groups and we are all for it. Adding a choker to an ensemble can definitely complete your look. A lot of designers are starting to produce choker-like pieces that are attached to their garments; dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and tops.

Denim on denim is now a style staple, but during the times of the 90’s, it was a risky move. The bold and defiant rapper, Tupac Shakur, smiled in the face of risk and wore a denim button-up, denim jeans and a pair of Fila sneakers.

Tupak Shakur rocking denim on denim
Tupak Shakur rocking denim on denim.
Photo credit: sadrudefuture.blogspot.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016

Sometimes, a laid back fit is needed, but if you’re not in the mood for all denim, another go-to fashion shot can be a cropped top with a pair of super cute distressed jeans. TLC was well known for sending dope messages through their music, but we can never forget the message they delivered through style. They proved that sexy can be wrapped up in all different forms of packaging and you don’t necessarily have to be wearing a skin-tight bodycon to feel sexy.

TLC wearing super distressed denim.
TLC in oversized distressed denim trousers and tops.
Photo credit: temazostraducidos.files.wordpress.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016

Many of the must haves in our closets and on our shopping lists are 90’s Hip Hop inspired. Believe it or not, Hip Hop has made its own mark on fashion and plenty of designers can attest to this. Check out the rest of our throwback fashion picks below and tell us in the comments section which ones were your favorites!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith wearing colorful bombers.
Photo credit: claudettethepet.blogspot.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016


Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice wearing an oversized baseball jersey and large box braids.
Photo credit: educateandelevate.wordpress.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016
Salt, Pepa and Spinderella rocking African print hats, paired with bombers and jumpsuits.
Photo credit: educateandelevate.wordpress.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016
Queen Latifah sporting overalls.
Photo credit: thechickfix.blogspot.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016
LL Cool J wearing his signature Kangol bucket hat.
Photo credit: tumblr.com
Retrieved: July 1, 2016







Written by: Nishoba Snow



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