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retrieved via instagram @khloekardashian on 3-7-16
retrieved via instagram @khloekardashian on 3-7-16

Khloe Kardashian recently did an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine where she shared her views on the culture of plastic surgery, and even spilled the beans on whether she’s had her nose done or not. Khloe said that she believes plastic surgery is your own personal business and people should be able to get plastic surgery, fillers or lasers if that’s what they want to do.

I just don’t like when someone else is like ‘Man, I only want to date a girl if they have big tits,’ and then a girl’s like ‘I gotta get double d’s’.  If you want them, great. If you’re doing that for your man, that’s when it bothers me,” the television star told Cosmopolitan.

She went on to explain that being as natural as possible about body modifications is the best way to do it. She reminisces on times when her friends would have horrible eating habits and they would just cover it up with lypo.

That, I disagree with. But if you’re working out and you have a trouble area bothering you, go fix it if you want,” she says.

The star admits that she is actually a fan of plastic surgery; she just thinks it’s important to go through the proper channels. She also denied rumors of her having a nose job. Khloe said her nose got smaller when she lost weight and she also contours her nose.

…Like when I wash my face, my nose is wider,” she told Cosmopolitan.

Written by Rahkiya Brown


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