Kevin Hart Instagram @kevinhart, retrieved 6-17-16
Kevin Hart Instagram @kevinhart, retrieved 6-17-16

Comedian Kevin Hart and his family went on vacation this weekend only to discover upon his return that he had been robbed.

A burglar pried open the backdoor to his double-gated Tarzana home and stole $500 grand worth of merchandise.

According to TMZ, the thief made off with jewelry, watches and clothes.

Although the loss is minor to the multimillionaire, feeling violated and upset is a natural response. But the comedian has “Hart.”

“I just tune out the bull****….I swear I have the best angel in the world AKA my mother “Nancy A Hart” RIP Mom. I always put things in perspective people. Material items can be taken away at anytime but a positive outlook & understanding of life and what’s really important can never be compromised in the “Hart Househould”…I have what I value the most, which is my family and my health. Thank you for all of your support and prayers…WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE!!! I love y’all for loving me. #Blessed #Thankful #Focused #Motivation,” said Hart on his Instagram page.

Hart was in Miami training with Ndamukong Suh when the burglary took place and came home and reported it to the police.

Although, many have suggested that it was an inside job, no one can be too sure. It was easy to see that he was out of town through his activity on social media.

The cops are currently checking Hart’s surveillance cameras that are inside and outside of his home. In the interim, fans and fellow stars are in hopes that authorities find out who is responsible.

Written By: Taylor Bennett


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